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Obituary of Michael Harmel 1974-06-00

Obituary of Michael Harmel, member of the Central Committee of the SACP

Nothing's positive in apartheid, says Boesak 1983-08-22 Chris Freimond

Allan Boesak address at the National Launch of the United Democratic Front held in Cape Town "nothing's positive in apartheid".

Non-Central Government structures in South Africa today 1988-03-00 Penuell M. Maduna

Paper presented by Penuell M.

New technologies and industrial restructuring in South Africa 1990-04-00 Moses Ngoasheng

Paper prepared for a seminar on economic policy organised by the ANC Department of Economics and Planning, Congress of South African Trade Unions a

New life for 30,000 families 1957-00-00

Article on slum clearance in Korsten, Port Elizabeth.

New ball-game in South African politics 1983-08-20 Leon Marshall, politcal editor

The launching of the United Democratic Front in Cape Town marked the beginning of a new ball-game in South Africa.

Negotiations, armed struggle and the ANC 1990-07-19 Ian Phillips

Paper by Ian Phillips, presented at the Stanger Meeting on Thursday, 19 July 1990.

Negotiations - what room for compromise? 0000-00-00 Sam Shilowa

Response by Sam Shilowa to Joe Slovo's paper on negotiations. Argues against compromising on issues for the sake of the government.

Negotiations 0000-00-00 United Democratic Front

Article looking at the question of negotiation and the approach of the democratic movement.

Municipal elections 0000-00-00 United Democratic Front

An article stating the approach to the municipal elections which was determined by the state of the organisation, the mood of the masses and the st

Models of work with cadres within the National Liberation Movement 1988-07-00 Sherry McLean

Paper by Sherry Mclean, presented at the ANC Seminar on Social Welfare, in Lusaka, Zambia, July 1988.

MK and the future 1990-11-00

Paper discussing the role of Umkhonto We Sizwe and its future, the SADF, and the relationship between Umkhonto We Sizwe and the South African Def

Miscellaneous problems 1974-02-00

Problems faced by Africans due to influx control and legislation such as Pass Laws.

Mining policy for industrial minerals in post-apartheid South Africa 1990-04-00 Peter Robbins

Paper about mining policy in post-apartheid South Africa by Peter Robbins, prepared for an ANC seminar on Economic Policy in Harare, Zimbabwe, Apri

Making music for the kids 1986-11-21 United Democratic Front

Article published from the City Press regarding the music festival to benefit kids detained under the state of emegency planned for Orlando Stadium

Luthuli dressed as Zulu chief, gets his prize: South Africa as a threat to world peace.... 1961-12-11 Staff reporter, The Star newspaper, London


Legal analysis of Nkomati Agreement 1984-04-24 Kader Asmal

Paper by Kader Asmal on the Nkomati Accord.

Land and national oppression 1954-05-00 G H Gool

This paper clearly describes the land rights of the natives in the Cape Colony from the Ordinance and up until the Ten Point Programme and discussi

Kei Road farmers sabotage meeting claims priest 1990-02-09 Daily Dispatch

Newspaper article relating to the Kei Road Farmers Association meeting held to discuss farm dwellers' evictions.

June 12 Movement 1973-06-00 South African Students Organisation, Western Cape Branch

June 12th marked a historic moment in the history of Black students.

Internal position 0000-00-00 African National Congress

Unauthored paper reconsidering broad strategy and tactics within the African National Congress.

Industrial unrest in South Africa 1973-02-23 I B Tabata | Unity Movement

Paper by I B Tabata on industrial unrest and strikes by Black workers in South Africa.

In Verwoerd's South Africa: a tale of persecution 1965-03-08

The article describes the experiences of various members of the Unity Movement and those directly involved with the liberation struggle, and illust

Immediate prospect for SACP 1993-03-02

Article in Voice of Women , Number 3, 1983, on the immediate prospect for SACP.

Ikhwezi Lomso 1958-07-00 Unity Movement

Leading article introducing a new independent newspaper, Ikhwezi Lomso, The Rising Star, dedicated to advancing the cause of liberation.

Further statement on the Czechoslovakian crisis 1968-07-29 South African Communist Party

Further statement on the Czechoslovakian crisis: statement by the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party, July 29, 1968, regarding

Fund-raising: a revolutionary perspective 1986-03-00 African National Congress | Godfrey Motsepe

Working Paper by Godfrey Motsepe prepared for the African Ntional Congress National Fund Raising Workshop held in March 1986 at the Solomon Mahlang

Fourth anniversary of the United Democratic Front: four fighting years 1987-08-20 United Democratic Front

Article regarding United Democratic Front fourth anniversary.

Foundations of government in a democratic South Africa 1987-05-08 African National Congress

Paper listing the objectives of a new constitution and its principles.

Foreign African labour in South Africa 1978-03-23 African National Congress

African National Congress paper on foreign African labour in South Africa.

Farm evictions: Democratic Party's policy 1990-02-10 Daily Dispatch

Newspaper article on the Democratic Party's policy regarding farm workers and farm evictions.This was in response to an appeal by the Anglican Bish

Extended Working Committee 1990-09-14 United Democratic Front

Article containing an agenda of the United Democratic Front extended working committee.

Excerpts from Nobel lecture by Luthuli in Oslo 1961-12-12


End Apartheid in 1951: New Year message 1951-01-11 Yususf Dadoo

End Apartheid in 1951: New Year message from Dr Yusuf Dadoo, President of the S A Indian Congress, published in The Guardian, January 11, 1951

Education and family life 1967-11-00 C. N. Phatudi

Description of how poverty and poor family life contribute to poor education

Editorial 1959-02-00 I B Tabata | Unity Movement

Draft editorial by I B Tabata, possibly for publication in Ikhwezi Lomso, on the current political situation in South Africa.

East Cape Agricultural Union refers to Bill 1990-02-10 Daily Dispatch

Newspaper article relating to East Cape Agricultural Union's policy towards farm workers and farm evictions following evictions of farm dwellers on

Draft theses on current situation 1990-02-13 Tito Mboweni

Paper by Tito Mboweni on a new political situation which is emerging in South Africa after F W de Klerk's 2nd February speech.

Draft resolution on financial matters relating to winding up of the United Democratic Front 0000-00-00 United Democratic Front

Article about the draft resolution on financial matters relating to winding up of the United Democratic Front.

Draft proposals for a new strategy of the ANC of South Africa April 1971 1971-04-00 African National Congress

Draft proposals for a new strategy for the African National Congress in South Africa.


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