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United Democratic Front and the Black Local Authorities 1985-02-00 United Democratic Front

Article by the United Democratic Front on its continued campaign against the Black Local Authorities.

The United Front: Why did we form it?And how appropriate is it today? 1985-00-00 United Democratic Front

Article by the United Democratic Front discussing the background and the future plans of the organisation.

The occupation of the British Consulate in Durban, the Anderson visit and the role of the United Democratic Front in the international struggle against apartheid 1985-00-00 United Democratic Front

Discussion paper by the United Democratic Front on its stand regarding the international struggle against apartheid, the British Consulate occupati

Legal analysis of Nkomati Agreement 1984-04-24 Kader Asmal

Paper by Kader Asmal on the Nkomati Accord.

Planning for peoples war discussion document 1983-11-00 African National Congress

Discussion document on planning for a peoples war.

Obituary of Yusuf Dadoo 1983-09-28 Lionel Bernstein

Obituary of Yusuf Dadoo. 3 typewritten pages with handwritten corrections

Strategic issues in the struggle for national liberation in South Africa 1983-09-00 Harold Wolpe

Paper examining reforms introduced by the government and whether they are adequate to initiate change in the country: provision for the legal recog

The United Democratic Front: a workerist response 1983-09-00 Isabella Silver | Alexia Sfarnas

Article discussing the nature of UDF and the discussion making of UDF.

Nothing's positive in apartheid, says Boesak 1983-08-22 Chris Freimond

Allan Boesak address at the National Launch of the United Democratic Front held in Cape Town "nothing's positive in apartheid".

Thousands flock to United Democratic Front launch 1983-08-21 Sylvia Vollenhoven

Thousands of people and about 400 organisations from all over the country came to the lauch of UDF and messages of supports from all organisations

Three presidents for coalition of the people 1983-08-21 Steve Grbic

The United Democratic Front a political coalition of 400 labour, political, civic, church, women's and students' organisations opposed to the gover

United Democratic Front may cause a bigger stir later on 1983-08-20 Star newspaper

Article discussing: affidavits on police brutality, the PFP's attempt at a bill of Rights to the forming of the United Democratic Front and Dr Pere

New ball-game in South African politics 1983-08-20 Leon Marshall, politcal editor

The launching of the United Democratic Front in Cape Town marked the beginning of a new ball-game in South Africa.

The effects of the current unrest on township children 1983-03-13 Frank Chikane

Article about how township children were jailed, shot and killed, some served long prison sentences, others lost valuable years of schooling, many

The Black Conciousness Movement and social research 1981-00-00 Nyameko Pityana

This article contains a discussion about the Black Consciousness philosophy and includes a discussion about Bantu education and Christian National

The SACC and the Government 1980-08-07 Cedric Mayson

Article about the meeting of delegates from the South African Council of Churches and the South African Prime Minister and his associates which rai

Statement of the African National Congress of South Africa on the occasion of the meeting in Lusaka on April 1st 1980 of the Heads of Independent States in Southern Africa 1980-04-01 Jack Simons

Statement of the African National Congress of South Africa on the occasion of the meeting in Lusaka on April 1st 1980 of the Heads of Independent S

Paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of Diakonia on March 25, 1980 1980-03-25 Desmond Tutu

Article containing a paper delivered by Archbishop Tutu, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, at the annual meeting of Diako

Consultation of SA church leaders on racism in South Africa, Hammanskraal, 11-15 February, 1980 1980-02-11

Article containing confidential background information on a consultation of South Africa church leaders on racism in South Africa, presented at Ham

The situation in Afghanistan 1980-01-00 South African Communist Party

The Situation in Afghanistan: statement issued by the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party, January 1980, discusses Soviet invasi

The Nederduitse Gereformeerde Sendingkerk 1980-00-00 Esau Jacobs

Article discussing the role of the Dutch Reformed Church in effecting social change and justice in South Africa.

Black Conciousness: an appraisal 1980-00-00 Henry E. Isaacs

The article discusses whether the Black Conciousness Movement arose as a result of the influence of an ideology or as a reflection of the real need

The Birth of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa 1979-00-00 Colin Collins

One day in July 1968 a group of students formed a separate caucus at the annual conference of the University Christian Movement being held outside

Foreign African labour in South Africa 1978-03-23 African National Congress

African National Congress paper on foreign African labour in South Africa.

Submission on the question of foreign investment in South Africa 1977-11-30 African National Congress of South Africa

This is the article about the submission on the question of foreign investment in South Africa submitted to Swedish Commission on November 30, 1977

Transkei Sham 1977-02-00

Transkei Sham: statement published in the underground "Inkululeko-Freedom", February 1977, describes the reaction of the ANC to the granting of ind

The emergency and impact of the black consciousness movement 1976-12-00 Henry Isaacs

This is an article on Black Consciousness Movement, nature of South African society, and withdrawal of blacks from multi-racial organisations.

A Black South African's view of the present urban, rural and industrial situation 1975-00-00

This article was published as part of a study project on external investment in South Africa and Namibia, entitled The Conditions of the Black Work

Obituary of Ruth First 1974-06-00

Obituary of Ruth First in Sechaba October 1982 pages 24 to 29

Obituary of Michael Harmel 1974-06-00

Obituary of Michael Harmel, member of the Central Committee of the SACP

Miscellaneous problems 1974-02-00

Problems faced by Africans due to influx control and legislation such as Pass Laws.

African family housing in urban areas 1974-02-00

Article on regulations governing the control and supervision of an urban Bantu residential area and the many hardships that these regulations infli

June 12 Movement 1973-06-00 South African Students Organisation, Western Cape Branch

June 12th marked a historic moment in the history of Black students.

The crisis over the land 1973-03-00 John Kane-Berman

Article on the government's dispossession of Black's from their land and its policy of separate development resulting in the creation of Bantustans

SASO on the attack: an introduction to the South African Student's Organization 1973 1973-03-00 South African Student Organisation

SASO is an organization which continually probes the various areas of Black life and existence, this set of articles looks at the achievements of S

Industrial unrest in South Africa 1973-02-23 I B Tabata | Unity Movement

Paper by I B Tabata on industrial unrest and strikes by Black workers in South Africa.

Civil rights and the university 1972-00-00 Geoff Budlender

An article on civil rights by Geoff Budlender, SRC President at the University of Cape Town, South Africa

Draft proposals for a new strategy of the ANC of South Africa April 1971 1971-04-00 African National Congress

Draft proposals for a new strategy for the African National Congress in South Africa.

Some structural implications of education 1970-10-28 Jack Simons

Paper by Jack Simons on the implications of education in Africa. Examines the history of education in Africa and suggests the way forward.

The strategy and tactics of the revolution and the role of the various national groups and the revolutionary forces in the revolution 1969-03-00 African National Conference | Joe Slovo

Annotated paper about the armed struggle, the enemy's strengths and weaknesses and the role of Coloured and Indian people.


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