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The October 26 Municipal elections: the people demand universal adult suffrage 1989-02-00 African National Congress

ANC Department of Political Education briefing on the October 26 municipal elections in South Africa.

Defend, consolidate and advance the Front 1989-00-00 United Democratic Front

An article on defend, consolidate and advance the Front which is divided in five topics such as National democratic struggle and the front approach

Models of work with cadres within the National Liberation Movement 1988-07-00 Sherry McLean

Paper by Sherry Mclean, presented at the ANC Seminar on Social Welfare, in Lusaka, Zambia, July 1988.

State of organisation and the way forward 1988-06-11 John Pule Motshabi

Paper by John Motshabi on the state of the African National Congress and the way forward.

Cultural considerations for a democratic South African Constitution 1988-03-02 African National Congress

Paper produced by the ANC Department of Arts and Culture from an in-house seminar on Constitutional guidelines for a democratic South Africa, held

Non-Central Government structures in South Africa today 1988-03-00 Penuell M. Maduna

Paper presented by Penuell M.

South Africa's working class: a pillar of the revolution 1988-03-00 Jack Simons | Ray Simons

Paper by Jack Simons on South Africa's working class presented by Ray Simons to the ANC in-house seminar on Constitutional Guidelines in a democrat

Politics and the armed struggle: the revolutionary army 1988-02-14 Ronnie Kasrils

Paper delivered by Ronnie Kasrils on Umkhonto we Sizwe. Outlines the army's basic positions and the consequences and tasks which flow from them.

Politics and the army 1988-02-00 Steve Tshwete

Paper delivered by Steve Tshwete to the African National Congress Department of Political Education Workshop in Lusaka, 23-28 February, 1988.

Constitutional guideline for a democratic South Africa 1988-01-10 African National Congress

Draft of Constitutional guideline for a democratic South Africa from the African National Congress Constitutional Committee.

A 3-phase counter revolutionary strategy 1988-00-00 United Democratic Front

Paper discussing a 3-phase counter revolutionary strategy.

Current conditions 1988-00-00 United Democratic Front

Paper analysing the international and Southern African situation, different forms of sactions, and forms of investments.

The role of the Trade Unions in the National Liberation Struggle 1988-00-00 United Democratic Front

An article about the National Liberation Struggle as their decision to join the United Democratic Front was made as part of their response to certa

The 1988 Municipal Elections 1988-00-00 United Democratic Front

Article on the 1988 municipal elections. It discusses the background information on what these elections will involve and why they are being held.

The immediate tasks of the Democratic Movement 1988-00-00 United Democratic Front

Discussion paper discussing the immediate tasks of the Democratic Movement.

The Black conciousness movement in South Africa in the late 1960s 1987-12-00 Sipho Buthelezi

The purpose of this paper is to critically analyse the development of the Black conciousness movement in South Africa in the late 1970's and 1980.s

"Power-sharing" Apartheid style: a critical analysis of the Botha regime's current political strategy 1987-11-00 Centre for African Studies, Maputo

Paper on power-sharing and the apartheid government from the Centre for African Studies in Maputo, Mozambique.

The 70th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917: an appreciation 1987-10-10 Jack Simons | African National Congress

Paper by Jack Simons on the Russian Revolution.

Organise and advance to people's power 1987-08-21 African National Congress

Internal ANC paper, declaring 1987 the year of Advance to People's Power, which involves mass action, underground political work, armed struggle an

Fourth anniversary of the United Democratic Front: four fighting years 1987-08-20 United Democratic Front

Article regarding United Democratic Front fourth anniversary.

Foundations of government in a democratic South Africa 1987-05-08 African National Congress

Paper listing the objectives of a new constitution and its principles.

Strategies of Repression in the State of Emergency 1987-05-00 United Democratic Front

Article by the United Democratic Front on the State of Emergency and the counter-revolutionary forces in the townships.

The resolution of the national question in South Africa: Part 1 1987-03-00 Jack Simons

Paper by Jack Simons on the national question in South Africa.

On the White Elections 1987-00-00 United Democratic Front

Article by the United Democratic Front regarding the whites only elections.The Front calls on South Africans, especially white compatriots to rejec

Steve Biko: after ten years 1987-00-00 N Barney Pityana

Barney Pityana was a close friend and colleague of Steve Biko, he was invited to preach the this sermon at Notting Hill Methodist Church.on the 10

Police put a clamp ban on statements by United Democratic Front and other bodies 1986-12-17 United Democratic Front

Pamphlet about police put a clamp ban on statement by United Democratic Front and other bodies as the government has barred the Sowetan and weekly

Draft for discussion: Christmas against the emergency 1986-12-16

Pamphlet regarding Christmas against the emergency.

Making music for the kids 1986-11-21 United Democratic Front

Article published from the City Press regarding the music festival to benefit kids detained under the state of emegency planned for Orlando Stadium

Ungovernability and people's power 1986-07-02 Jack Simons

Discussion document on organs of people's power in response to a request from activists.

Unban the African National Congress mass meeting 1986-06-07 United Democratic Front

The United Democratic Front (UDF) successfully applied for a court order last night to go ahead with meetings to launch the "Unban the African Nati

Fund-raising: a revolutionary perspective 1986-03-00 African National Congress | Godfrey Motsepe

Working Paper by Godfrey Motsepe prepared for the African Ntional Congress National Fund Raising Workshop held in March 1986 at the Solomon Mahlang

The preliminary nature of the Constitutional document 1986-01-14 African National Congress

Paper covering rights and duties attached to property and rights to education, power-sharing and rights of minorities, reconciling freedom of speec

What to do about the Elections?The current context 1986-00-00 United Democratic Front

Press release by the United Democratic Front in which the Front outlines strategies to be taken in opposition of the elections.

Resistance politics will never be the same again... 1986-00-00 United Democratic Front

Article by the United Democratic Front on the seven-month state of emergency, leaders who were in detention or had gone underground to avoid detent

State of emergency 1986-00-00 United Democratic Front

Article by the United Democratic Front discussing the state of emergency.

The situation in Katlehong 1986-00-00 United Democratic Front

In Katlehong the organisations in existence are ERAPO and Katlehong Youth League which has not affiliated to the United Democratic Front affiliates

Alternative Education 1986-00-00 Jack Simons

Paper by Jack Simons on alternative education. Outlines an alternative education system for South Africa.

What is a nation 1985-11-00 African National Congress

Discussion paper examining the term 'nation' and asking whether South Africa can be seen as a nation. Includes separate section on Language

Towards the reconstruction of South Africa: the constitutional dimension 1985-09-27 Albie Sachs

Paper by Albie Sachs presented as the Third Annual Ruth First Memorial Lecture in Maputo, 27 September 1985.

A contribution from the Lusaka Regional Committee to the discussion initiated by Comrade Motshabi's memorandum 1985-02-01 African National Congress

The ANC Lusaka Regional Committee commenting on a memorandum by John Pule Motshabi entitled 'Comments and observations on the issues to be raised a


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