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Transkei Sham 1977-02-00

Transkei Sham: statement published in the underground "Inkululeko-Freedom", February 1977, describes the reaction of the ANC to the granting of ind

Sharpeville 21 March 1960 1960-03-21

Article regarding the Sharpeville 21 March 1960.

New life for 30,000 families 1957-00-00

Article on slum clearance in Korsten, Port Elizabeth.

In Verwoerd's South Africa: a tale of persecution 1965-03-08

The article describes the experiences of various members of the Unity Movement and those directly involved with the liberation struggle, and illust

Obituary of Ruth First 1974-06-00

Obituary of Ruth First in Sechaba October 1982 pages 24 to 29

Obituary of Michael Harmel 1974-06-00

Obituary of Michael Harmel, member of the Central Committee of the SACP

Statement by Legal organisations on the Public Safety Bill and the Internal Security Bill 0000-00-00

Statement by Legal organisations on the Public Safety Bill and the Internal Security Bill

Miscellaneous problems 1974-02-00

Problems faced by Africans due to influx control and legislation such as Pass Laws.

MK and the future 1990-11-00

Paper discussing the role of Umkhonto We Sizwe and its future, the SADF, and the relationship between Umkhonto We Sizwe and the South African Def

Consultation of SA church leaders on racism in South Africa, Hammanskraal, 11-15 February, 1980 1980-02-11

Article containing confidential background information on a consultation of South Africa church leaders on racism in South Africa, presented at Ham

A Black South African's view of the present urban, rural and industrial situation 1975-00-00

This article was published as part of a study project on external investment in South Africa and Namibia, entitled The Conditions of the Black Work

African family housing in urban areas 1974-02-00

Article on regulations governing the control and supervision of an urban Bantu residential area and the many hardships that these regulations infli

Views on a constitution making body 0000-00-00

Views on a constitution making body tabled by the South African Government at a Codesa Working Group 2.

The international situation 1962-01-03

This address was delivered at the 9th National Conference of the Non-European Movement in Pietermaritzburg, on the 3rd-5th of January, 1962.

Immediate prospect for SACP 1993-03-02

Article in Voice of Women , Number 3, 1983, on the immediate prospect for SACP.

Excerpts from Nobel lecture by Luthuli in Oslo 1961-12-12


The foreign policy of a future South Africa 0000-00-00

Paper on a foreign policy for a future South Africa.

The real problems of the liberatory movement 1958-07-12

Draft of an article for independent newspaper, Ikhwezi Lomso, on the liberation movement.

Our Policy 1950-06-29

Our Policy: editorial in The Guardian, June 29, 1950. Discusses the suppession of Communism Bill

Draft for discussion: Christmas against the emergency 1986-12-16

Pamphlet regarding Christmas against the emergency.

The new policy of the USA towards South Africa: the Black Conciousness Movement's view 1977-05-00 Black People's Convention

An article written by the Black People's Convention in response to the invitation to have talks with Mr Andrew Young the Unites States Ambassador

The future society as seen by the Black People's convention 1977-06-00 Tami Zani |

The first of a number of articles dealing with a kind of society that BPC envisages.

Black Power - Students Forced to Leave Meeting - SASO and other affairs 1969-03-27 University of Natal, Students Representatives Council |

Four students of UND walked outh of a student body meeting at Alan Taylor residence last Thursday.

South Africa: the Party faithful 1990-01-12 Africa Confidential


The strategy and tactics of the revolution and the role of the various national groups and the revolutionary forces in the revolution 1969-03-00 African National Conference | Joe Slovo

Annotated paper about the armed struggle, the enemy's strengths and weaknesses and the role of Coloured and Indian people.

Position paper on the cultural and academic boycott 1989-05-00 African National Congress

ANC position paper on the cultural and academic boycott, adopted by the National Executive Committee in May, 1989 in Lusaka, Zambia.

Cultural considerations for a democratic South African Constitution 1988-03-02 African National Congress

Paper produced by the ANC Department of Arts and Culture from an in-house seminar on Constitutional guidelines for a democratic South Africa, held

The preliminary nature of the Constitutional document 1986-01-14 African National Congress

Paper covering rights and duties attached to property and rights to education, power-sharing and rights of minorities, reconciling freedom of speec

Draft proposals for a new strategy of the ANC of South Africa April 1971 1971-04-00 African National Congress

Draft proposals for a new strategy for the African National Congress in South Africa.

The Pan Africanist Congress exists to subvert the South African liberation struggle 0000-00-00 African National Congress

African National Congress document produced by their provisional headquarters in Morogoro, Tanzania, regarding the subversion of the struggle by th

Planning for peoples war discussion document 1983-11-00 African National Congress

Discussion document on planning for a peoples war.

Alliance paper: the alliance in the Western Cape 1991-00-00 African National Congress

Assessment on the alliance in the Western Cape between the African National Congress, the South African Communist Party and the Congress of South A

Organise and advance to people's power 1987-08-21 African National Congress

Internal ANC paper, declaring 1987 the year of Advance to People's Power, which involves mass action, underground political work, armed struggle an

Suggested tactics and strategy in the mobilisation and organisation of Africans for the Revolution 0000-00-00 African National Congress

Unauthored paper on mobilising and organising Africans for a revolution. Examines the African working class, churches and the Bantustans.

Sanctions: the "joker" in the pack 1990-11-17 African National Congress

Discussion paper for the ANC Zimbabwe seminar. Examines the question of whether to continue with sanctions.

Foundations of government in a democratic South Africa 1987-05-08 African National Congress

Paper listing the objectives of a new constitution and its principles.

The socio-political and economic crisis in the apartheid system 0000-00-00 African National Congress

ANC paper on the socio-political and economic crisis in the apartheid system, prepared for the regional and national preparatory committees.

ANC Youth League in the 1990s 1990-00-00 African National Congress

Paper following discussion between South African Youth Congress and the African National Congress Youth Section Secretariat regarding launching the

The October 26 Municipal elections: the people demand universal adult suffrage 1989-02-00 African National Congress

ANC Department of Political Education briefing on the October 26 municipal elections in South Africa.

Constitutional guideline for a democratic South Africa 1988-01-10 African National Congress

Draft of Constitutional guideline for a democratic South Africa from the African National Congress Constitutional Committee.


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