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Sanctions: the "joker" in the pack 1990-11-17 African National Congress

Discussion paper for the ANC Zimbabwe seminar. Examines the question of whether to continue with sanctions.

Alliance paper: the alliance in the Western Cape 1991-00-00 African National Congress

Assessment on the alliance in the Western Cape between the African National Congress, the South African Communist Party and the Congress of South A

The Front debate 1991-02-00 Gugile Nkwinti

A compilation of articles discussing the issue of Mayibuye and the future of the United Democratic Front.

Constituent Assembly and Interim Government 1991-03-00 African National Congress

Paper prepared by the African National Congress Department of Political Education, on defining a constitution, what kind of constitution the ANC wo

Body and procedures for drafting a new constitution 1992-03-31 African National Congress

Proposal of the African National Congress to CODESA Working Group 2 on a body and procedures for drafting a new constitution.

Strategic perspective 1992-10-00 African National Congress

Unauthored paper on strategy and tactics in the context of negotiations.

The strategic debate in the ANC 1992-11-00 Pallo Jordan

Paper by Z Pallo Jordan regarding African National Congress strategy. Regarding talks and negotiations.

Immediate prospect for SACP 1993-03-02

Article in Voice of Women , Number 3, 1983, on the immediate prospect for SACP.


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