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Negotiations - what room for compromise? 0000-00-00 Sam Shilowa

Response by Sam Shilowa to Joe Slovo's paper on negotiations. Argues against compromising on issues for the sake of the government.

Negotiations, armed struggle and the ANC 1990-07-19 Ian Phillips

Paper by Ian Phillips, presented at the Stanger Meeting on Thursday, 19 July 1990.

New ball-game in South African politics 1983-08-20 Leon Marshall, politcal editor

The launching of the United Democratic Front in Cape Town marked the beginning of a new ball-game in South Africa.

New life for 30,000 families 1957-00-00

Article on slum clearance in Korsten, Port Elizabeth.

New technologies and industrial restructuring in South Africa 1990-04-00 Moses Ngoasheng

Paper prepared for a seminar on economic policy organised by the ANC Department of Economics and Planning, Congress of South African Trade Unions a

Non-Central Government structures in South Africa today 1988-03-00 Penuell M. Maduna

Paper presented by Penuell M.

Nothing's positive in apartheid, says Boesak 1983-08-22 Chris Freimond

Allan Boesak address at the National Launch of the United Democratic Front held in Cape Town "nothing's positive in apartheid".

Obituary of Michael Harmel 1974-06-00

Obituary of Michael Harmel, member of the Central Committee of the SACP

Obituary of Ruth First 1974-06-00

Obituary of Ruth First in Sechaba October 1982 pages 24 to 29

Obituary of Yusuf Dadoo 1983-09-28 Lionel Bernstein

Obituary of Yusuf Dadoo. 3 typewritten pages with handwritten corrections

Obstacles to free and fair elections in Namibia 1989-03-02 United Democratic Front

UN Resolution 435, which provided for free and fair elections in Namibia, was implemented on 1 April 1989.

On the White Elections 1987-00-00 United Democratic Front

Article by the United Democratic Front regarding the whites only elections.The Front calls on South Africans, especially white compatriots to rejec

Organise and advance to people's power 1987-08-21 African National Congress

Internal ANC paper, declaring 1987 the year of Advance to People's Power, which involves mass action, underground political work, armed struggle an

Our Policy 1950-06-29

Our Policy: editorial in The Guardian, June 29, 1950. Discusses the suppession of Communism Bill

Paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of Diakonia on March 25, 1980 1980-03-25 Desmond Tutu

Article containing a paper delivered by Archbishop Tutu, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, at the annual meeting of Diako

Paper on apartheid presented on behalf of the African National Congress of South Africa to the United Nations Human Rights Seminar on apartheid, held at Brasilia, Brazil, 23rd August - 5th September 1966 1966-08-23 African National Congress | R M Resha


Part 2: the Apartheid Counter Revolution: a permanent Emergency? 0000-00-00 United Democratic Front

Article by the United Democratic Front in which it looks at the violence on the South African youths by the government in its counter revolution.

Persecution under apartheid law in South Africa 1965-00-00 Dora Taylor | Unity Movement

Paper by Dora Taylor on human rights violations perpetrated by the apartheid government.

Planning for peoples war discussion document 1983-11-00 African National Congress

Discussion document on planning for a peoples war.

Police community relations: a mediator's perspective 0000-00-00 Richard A Salem

Article by a mediator following efforts by President Klerk to curb the use of excessive force by police stating the difficulties faced by pu

Police put a clamp ban on statements by United Democratic Front and other bodies 1986-12-17 United Democratic Front

Pamphlet about police put a clamp ban on statement by United Democratic Front and other bodies as the government has barred the Sowetan and weekly

Politics and the armed struggle: the revolutionary army 1988-02-14 Ronnie Kasrils

Paper delivered by Ronnie Kasrils on Umkhonto we Sizwe. Outlines the army's basic positions and the consequences and tasks which flow from them.

Politics and the army 1988-02-00 Steve Tshwete

Paper delivered by Steve Tshwete to the African National Congress Department of Political Education Workshop in Lusaka, 23-28 February, 1988.

Populism without Robin Hood? Forms of ownership and control in a post-apartheid South Africa: Summary and some proposals 0000-00-00 Ben Fine

Paper by Ben Fine on ownership and control in post-apartheid South Africa.

Position for a negotiated resolution of the South African question 0000-00-00 South African Youth Congress

Draft discussion paper on the position for a negotiated resolution of the South African question.

Position paper on the cultural and academic boycott 1989-05-00 African National Congress

ANC position paper on the cultural and academic boycott, adopted by the National Executive Committee in May, 1989 in Lusaka, Zambia.

Post-apartheid South Africa: regional economic policy 1990-04-20 Patrick Fitzgerald | Association of ANC Economists Committee, UK

Paper prepared for a seminar on economic policy organised by the ANC Department of Economics and Planning, Congress of South African Trade Unions a

Post-apartheid South Africa: the macroeconomic perspectives for year one and beyond 1990-04-12 Vella Pillay

Article on economics in post-apartheid South Africa by Vella Pillay, prepared for an ANC seminar on Economic Policy in Harare, Zimbabwe, in April a

Regional Conference: Regional Structures Commission 1990-09-21 African National Congress

Discussion Paper by the ANC on Regional Structures prepared on the mandate of the planning committee of the Regional Conference, for circulation to

Religion and the struggle against apartheid 0000-00-00 Reverend F F Gqiba

Paper on religion and the struggle against apartheid, prepared for an African National Congress seminar which provides a brief history of the ANC,

Renewed fighting in April 1989-04-00 United Democratic Front

On April 1 1989, the start of the implementation of Resolution 435, clashes between Swapo guerillas and South African security forces broke out in

Resistance politics will never be the same again... 1986-00-00 United Democratic Front

Article by the United Democratic Front on the seven-month state of emergency, leaders who were in detention or had gone underground to avoid detent

Sanctions: the "joker" in the pack 1990-11-17 African National Congress

Discussion paper for the ANC Zimbabwe seminar. Examines the question of whether to continue with sanctions.

SASO on the attack: an introduction to the South African Student's Organization 1973 1973-03-00 South African Student Organisation

SASO is an organization which continually probes the various areas of Black life and existence, this set of articles looks at the achievements of S

Sharpeville 21 March 1960 1960-03-21

Article regarding the Sharpeville 21 March 1960.

Should we enter Parliament? 0000-00-00 United Democratic Front

Article by the United Democratic Front asking wheter they should enter the Parliament, they also state reasons why they cannot enter.

Should we participate in tri-cameralism? A position promoting the idea 0000-00-00 United Democratic Front

An article about whether or not to participate in a tri-cameralism, a writer starts off by saying that, entering parliament, is not a priniciple mo

Slovo speaks 1990-03-00 New Era


Some structural implications of education 1970-10-28 Jack Simons

Paper by Jack Simons on the implications of education in Africa. Examines the history of education in Africa and suggests the way forward.

South Africa's racist state and the national democratic revolution 0000-00-00 Jack Simons

Paper by Jack Simons on apartheid and the democratic revolution.


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