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Administration Board for the Cape Midlands: Tenders: Contract 9G 1979-01-19

Invitation for tender for the design and supply, delivery and installation of Mechanical and Electrical plant and equipment for sewage treatment plant at Glenmore, a town which was being developed

ANC talks to shape policy on economy 1990-04-04

Press article in the Business Day about talks in Harare on the economy between the African National Congress and the Congress of South African Trade Unions.

Bid to stop move 1979-03-31

Press cutting relating to Black Sash's bid to seek a Supreme Court interdict to prevent the Plural Relations Administration Board from moving black residents from Kenton on Sea to Glenmore near COm

Committees Drift go-ahead 1979-11-07

Newspaper article on the government's controversial Committees Drift-Glenmore scheme to resettle Black people from Grahamstown to the Ciskei

Creating a culture of debate 1991-04-00

Article about political intolerance that has gripped many townships, published in Work in Progress, volume 73, March/April, 1991.

Dakar articles 1987-00-00

Three articles in the Financial Mail on the Dakar meeting between the African National Congress and the Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa (Idasa) in July, 1987.

In combat 1981-05-00

Collection of press articles compiled by the African National Congress, Department of Information and Publicity to reflect reporting by the official press of the ANC in combat.

Judge Mr De Klerk by his actions 1989-10-20

Press article outlining the crisis that church leaders in South Africa perceive the South African State President FW De Klerk facing in the new Government administration

Newsmen barred from Klipfontein 1979-04-04

Newspaper article on the government's ban of journalists wishing to visit Klipfontein squatter camp and Glenmore Resettlement area.

Plants at Glenmore kill cattle daily 1979-05-18

Newspaper article about cattle belonging to residents of Glenmore township dying from poisoning caused by eating the deadly tulp plant a week after being forcibly removed from Klipfontein and Coega

Progressive Federal Party, Black Sash slam planned removals 1979-03-31

Press cutting about the Progressive Federal Party and Black Sash's condemnation of the planned removal of blacks from Kenton on Sea and Klipfontein to Glenmore.

Recent developments in South Africa: 1981-1983 1983-02-08

Compilation of press reports on South Africa for the period 1981 to 1983 compiled by the African National Congress Departments of International Affairs and the Department of Information and Publici

Tambo pokes a few holes in the blanket 1987-06-00

Newspaper article in the Mail and Guardian newspaper of June 5 to 11, 1987, entitled Tambo pokes a few holes in the blanket.

Transcript of interviews of the General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Sunday Novermber 26, 1978 1978-11-26

Transcript of the interviews of the General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, Bishop Desmond Tutu.

We want to die here say aged 1979-04-03

Newspaper article in which elders from Black communities express their opposition to being evicted from their homes and forced to move to Glenmore Township

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