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Since Pageview was proclaimed a White area in 1963 .... 1982-02-00

Pamphlet relating to the impact of the Group Areas Act on Indian families, including a photograph

Sanctions 1982-04-00

Pamphlet about the comparison between responses made to calls for sanctions against Argentina and South Africa.

Report on a Consultation of representatives of SACC member churches on racism and change in South Africa 1982-05-10

Pamphlet on a Consultation of representatives of SACC member churches, held at the Koinonia Conference Centre, Johannesburg,10-12 May 1982 for a fo

Guidelines for constitutional change in South Africa 1982-07-31

Document outlining the basic elements of constitutional change in South Africa, disclosed by Prime Minister P W Botha on 31st July, 1982.

National Conference, 1983: resolutions adopted 1983-06-00

This is the pamphlet containing resolutions of the National Conference held in 1983 of the South African Council of Churches.

Health and health services in the Ciskei 1983-09-00

Community Health Research project on health services and health needs in the Ciskei

APDUSA Bulletin 6: A boot to lick! 1984-00-00

A cartoonists impression of a selected few candidates standing for election on August 22 and 28 1984.

APDUSA Bulletin 2: Aug. 22 elections and you 1984-04-00

APDUSA (African Peoples Democratic Union of South Africa) is calling for a boycott to the elections and is seen as the only method of rejecting the

APDUSA Bulletin 4: Dont vote! its not a crime 1984-05-00

This pamphlet wishes to clear some fears and anxieties of those members with regards to the consequences of them not casting a vote or registration

APDUSA Bulletin 3: Dont help sellouts to get R40 000 a year 1984-05-00

This pamphlet analysis and illustrates the results of the elections held in 1981, in which the government offered the SAIC to the Indian people.

APDUSA Bulletin 5: War on sellouts! 1984-06-00

In this pamphlet APDUSA expresses their concerns over the results of the elections on August 22 and 28 1984 ; as well as what the consequences will

APDUSA Bulletin 7: A who's who of sellouts! 1984-08-00

In this pamphlet APDUSA wishes to round off its dont vote campaign by naming and giving a short description of those candidates standing for the el

APDUSA Bulletin 8: APDUSA salutes the people 1984-09-00

With the elections of the tricameral parliament now over, APDUSA expresses its satisfaction with the results.

Boycott the racist referendum! 1984-09-02

African Peoples Democratic Union of South Africa (APDUSA), is pleading to the Coloured and Indian community to bocott the racist referendum demande

Taking sides 1985-00-00

This is the pamphlet issued by the Catholic Institute for International Relations in London 1985.

Home and family life: responsibility of Christians 1985-00-00

Pamphlet produced by the South African Council of Churches to promote a Christian way of life

Should NUSAS talk to the ANC? 1985-00-00

A pamphlet issued by the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS) at the start of their campaign to find out whether students supported NUS

APDUSA Bulletin 9: The Kennedy visit, the truth 1985-01-00

This pamphlet discusses the visit by Senator Edward Kennedy to South Africa, and one question which stands out and that is, Why was he visiting Sou

A theological rationale and a call to prayer for the end to unjust rule 1985-04-16

This is a pamphlet containing the statement accepted for distribution by the SACC, April 6, 1985 regarding theological rationale and a call to pray

ANC Call to the Nation: the future is within our grasp! 1985-04-25

Pamphlet issued by the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress.

Nyanga east men's hostel: the condition of migrant workers 1985-05-00

Pamphlet about the Nyanga East Men's Hostel Association and their struggle for better living conditions

The declaration to end conscription 1985-08-00

Pamphlet of the SA Catholic Bishops Conference explaining its call for an end to conscription.

Challenge to the church: a theological comment on the political crisis in South Africa 1985-09-13

Pamphlet about theological comments on the political crisis in South Africa.

An initial response to the Kairos Document 1985-11-00

This is a pamphlet about publicising the Kairos document on November 1985.

Action for democracy: 1986 NUSAS theme publication 1986-00-00
Dear Mr State President 1986-02-02

Pamphlet issued by the President of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa to the State President about the State vision of apartheid

NUSAS talks to the ANC 1986-04-00

Subtitled: Reportback on meeting between the National Union of South African Students and the African National Congress held from Sunday, 31 March

Commission for Justice and Reconciliation: economic measures against apartheid and the challenge to the church 1986-05-01

Pamphlet of the Commission for Justice and Reconciliation regarding economic measures such as sanctions, trade embargoes and disinvestment against

June 16 Memorial service: a theological rationale and a call to prayer for the end to unjust rule 1986-06-16

Pamphlet for the 10 year commemorative June 16 Memorial Service.

Unions, United Democratic Front plan mass resistance campaign 1986-10-08

Weekly Mail article regarding mass resistance campaign planned by unions and UDF.

Waaihoek 1986-11-00

Life histories of families resettled at Waaihoek, Natal after forced removals and evictions.

Disinvestment: a challenge to the church 1987-03-16

This is a pamphlet on disinvestment.

Sharpeville Day: commemoration meeting 1987-03-20

A pamphlet to publicise a meeting commemorating the Sharpeville massacre which took place on 21 March 1960

Why do millions of workers reject "Workers Day" and instead celebrate "May Day"? 1987-05-01

A pamphlet issued by NUSAS/ERC looks at the rejection by South Africa's largest trade union federation COSATU of the government declared Workers Da

Hands off the universities: hands off NUSAS: dossier for the press: 26 August 1987 1987-08-26

This is the NUSAS pamphlet. It covers the government attack to the universities and NUSAS opposition to apartheid.

Emergency convocation of churches in South Africa: package of preparation material 1988-05-30

An Emergency Convocation of Churches was decided upon to work on and develop effective non-violent actions to pressure the government to the negoti

Who is Nelson Mandela: standing for the truth campaign 1988-07-18

This is a pamphlet about family and educational background of Nelson Mandela.

Constitutional guidelines for a democratic South Africa 1989-00-00

African National Congress Constitutional guidelines for a democratic South Africa. Issued by the ANC in Lusaka.

The Standing for the Truth Campaign 1989-01-00

Pamphlet covering the background of the Campaign, goals of the Campaign, areas of possible non-violent action, organisational structure, organisati

South African Communist Party: May Day 1990-00-00

South African Communist Party sticker for May Day


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