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APDUSA Bulletin 1: Don't vote! 0000-00-00

This pamphlet aims to plead to those involved in the liberatory movement to consider carefully before taking the decision to vote or to boycott for

The African National Congress calls for your support 0000-00-00

Series of two page pamphlets on various aspects of the ANC struggle and fight against apartheid: call for support, the armed struggle, laying the f

Where do we stand?: APDUSA and a nation free of race hatred and oppression 0000-00-00

APDUSA shows concern in how the Herrenvolk and the Broederbond, and particularly in the Western province, attempts to split-up the Non-Whites into

Intensify the academic boycott 0000-00-00

Pamphlet produced by underground Umkhonto we Sizwe unit at the University of Cape Town.

Apartheid and the Medical School 0000-00-00

SOYA condemns the idea of the governments intention to transfer administrative control of the Medical School, Durban from the University of Natal t

Sign up for Democracy! 0000-00-00

ANC flyer for signature campaign to support demands for an interim government and a constituent assembly.

The boycott as weapon of struggle 1952-06-00

The most potent weapon in the armoury of a nation struggling for liberation and racial oppression are boycotts.

To the people of Natal: race riots and the nation 1952-08-00

This pamphlet is written with the specific purpose of concentrating on the relationship between the African and Indian sections of the Non-European

Collaborators and falsifiers exposed 1956-00-00

With the official opening of the Sultan Technical College, the members of the College Council had taken a decision to prohibit the African students

The Alexandra bus boycott 1957-00-00

This pamphlet discusses the bus boycott by the people of Alexandra Township against a penny increase in fares.

The Pan African Congress venture in retrospect: a Non-European Unity Movement pamphlet 1960-09-01

This pamphlets tries to highlight a series of events that the Pan African Congress (PAC)has been involved with in relation to the freedom struggle

The birth of the African Peoples Democratic Union of Southern Africa (APDUSA) 1961-03-00

This pamphlet clearly describes, with some background, on the political state of the country before the birth of APDUSA.

Self rule in the Transkei: a monstrous fraud 1962-05-00

The Bantu Authorities in Transkei have accepted a constitution, which the Unity Movement is unhappy about; to which this document ensures continued

The church and the race problem 1963-10-00

Pamplet containing a series of articles published in the Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg, based on interviews with churchmen on the role of the Churc

National Indian Council another trap 1964-00-00

At the outset, APDUSA mentions how it warned its people of the dangers of accepting the formation of police reserves and that this warning was warm

Police reserves are traps 1964-00-00

This pamphlet discusses the formation of police reserves, and APDUSA examines the so-called reasons for the formation of the police reserves as bee

We are at war! 1968-05-00

Pamphlet issued by the African National Congress in order to rally support for armed struggle

A message to the people of South Africa: Authorised summary, 1968. 1968-06-00

Message conveyed in a pamphlet on the year 1968 to people of South Africa regarding gospel of Jesus Christ in South Africa against the policy of ra

The Universities and the State, 1959-1969 1969-00-00

Pamphlet to affirm the University of the Witwatersrand's continuing opposition to the Extension of University Education Act, 1959, which legislated

Black Community Programmes 1971-00-00

This document contains suggestions for action for the Sprocas Black Community Programmes which were presented for discussion at the Sprocas Co-ordi

Areas of co-operation: what should UCM be 1971-00-00

Pamphlet compiled by University Christian Movement about the possible ways to make Christianity relevent to all people - Black as well as White.

Students, politics, Black power, new movements and new appraisals 1971-02-00

A SASO pamphlet containing the historical background of the students organisation, a list of Executive members, the 1971 programme of events and a

The Non-Republic of South Africa: what it means for the Black man 1971-05-00

This SASO pamphlet sets out the SASO view of the Nationalists' Republic of South Africa.

Mayibuye, mayibuye, mayibuye 1973-03-00

Pamphlet commemorating Sharpeville massacre

June 12 Movement 1973-06-00

June 12th marked a historic moment in the history of Black students.

June 12 Movement 1973-06-00

June 12th marked a historic moment in the history of Black students.

Black Ministers of the Dutch Reformed Church: statement on apartheid 1973-11-16

Pamphlet containing a statement by Ministers of the Dutch Reformed Church on their stance in rejecting apartheid as it cannot be reconciled with th

Die broederkring van predikante van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in Afrika 1973-11-16

Pamphlet, in Afrikaans, discussing the press publicity after announcing their stance in rejecting apartheid as it cannot be reconciled with the Wor

Statements on Black Consciousness and human rights 1974-00-00

The Southern African Catholic Bishops, in their Plenary Session of 4 February 1974, recommended that these pamphlets be studied as part of a pledge

Pass Laws and Influx Control 1974-02-00

Pamphlet regarding Pass Laws and Influx Control and the negative effect these laws have on the African people.

White immigration to South Africa 1974-09-00

Discussion about corporate guilt and corporate responsibility which prevails with regard to White immigration to South Africa from a Christian pers

Health implications of apartheid in South Africa 1975-03-00

Health implications of apartheid in South Africa

Taking sides 1976-00-00

This is the pamphlet issued by Catholic Intitute for International relations, in London.

Bantu of Alexandra 1976-08-25

The pamphlet calls for a 2 day stayaway and worker boycott of public transport by workers of Alexandra.

Black Community Programmes Limited: Projects and people 1977-00-00

A pamphlet containing photographs from projects of the Black Community Programmes.The goals of the Black Community Programmes are to help the Black

Implications of apartheid on health and health services in South Africa 1977-06-00

Implications of apartheid on health and health services in South Africa

Fattis and Monis strike 1979-07-00

Pamphlet issued by the Catholic Students Society at Witwatersrand University in July 1979 supporting workers from Fattis nd Monis, on strike for hi

Heroes Day December 16, 1979 1979-12-16

African National Congress Umkhonto We Sizwe flyer in observance of Heroes Day.

Background to the 20th anniversary of Republic Day, 31st May 1981 1981-05-01

Pamphlet issued by the Commission for Justice and Reconciliation about the background to the 20th anniversary of the Republic Day on 31st May 1981.

Introduction:This is a record of some of the main events... 1981-12-00

An illustrated record of some of the main events that NUSUS initiated, or was involved in, during 1981


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