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A better life for all 1994-00-00

ANC pamphlet issued by the Department of Information and Publicity for the 1994 elections.

A message to the people of South Africa: Authorised summary, 1968. 1968-06-00

Message conveyed in a pamphlet on the year 1968 to people of South Africa regarding gospel of Jesus Christ in South Africa against the policy of ra

A theological rationale and a call to prayer for the end to unjust rule 1985-04-16

This is a pamphlet containing the statement accepted for distribution by the SACC, April 6, 1985 regarding theological rationale and a call to pray

A voice from the farms: Zwelakhe's story 1992-00-00

The story of Zwelakhe Bongwana, about his life as a farm worker

Action for democracy: 1986 NUSAS theme publication 1986-00-00
African National Congress Draft Constitution 1991-00-00

Draft African National Congress Constitution to be adopted at the ANC National Conference, June 1991.

An initial response to the Kairos Document 1985-11-00

This is a pamphlet about publicising the Kairos document on November 1985.

ANC Call to the Nation: the future is within our grasp! 1985-04-25

Pamphlet issued by the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress.

Apartheid and the Medical School 0000-00-00

SOYA condemns the idea of the governments intention to transfer administrative control of the Medical School, Durban from the University of Natal t

APDUSA Bulletin 1: Don't vote! 0000-00-00

This pamphlet aims to plead to those involved in the liberatory movement to consider carefully before taking the decision to vote or to boycott for

APDUSA Bulletin 2: Aug. 22 elections and you 1984-04-00

APDUSA (African Peoples Democratic Union of South Africa) is calling for a boycott to the elections and is seen as the only method of rejecting the

APDUSA Bulletin 3: Dont help sellouts to get R40 000 a year 1984-05-00

This pamphlet analysis and illustrates the results of the elections held in 1981, in which the government offered the SAIC to the Indian people.

APDUSA Bulletin 4: Dont vote! its not a crime 1984-05-00

This pamphlet wishes to clear some fears and anxieties of those members with regards to the consequences of them not casting a vote or registration

APDUSA Bulletin 5: War on sellouts! 1984-06-00

In this pamphlet APDUSA expresses their concerns over the results of the elections on August 22 and 28 1984 ; as well as what the consequences will

APDUSA Bulletin 6: A boot to lick! 1984-00-00

A cartoonists impression of a selected few candidates standing for election on August 22 and 28 1984.

APDUSA Bulletin 7: A who's who of sellouts! 1984-08-00

In this pamphlet APDUSA wishes to round off its dont vote campaign by naming and giving a short description of those candidates standing for the el

APDUSA Bulletin 8: APDUSA salutes the people 1984-09-00

With the elections of the tricameral parliament now over, APDUSA expresses its satisfaction with the results.

APDUSA Bulletin 9: The Kennedy visit, the truth 1985-01-00

This pamphlet discusses the visit by Senator Edward Kennedy to South Africa, and one question which stands out and that is, Why was he visiting Sou

Areas of co-operation: what should UCM be 1971-00-00

Pamphlet compiled by University Christian Movement about the possible ways to make Christianity relevent to all people - Black as well as White.

Background to the 20th anniversary of Republic Day, 31st May 1981 1981-05-01

Pamphlet issued by the Commission for Justice and Reconciliation about the background to the 20th anniversary of the Republic Day on 31st May 1981.

Bantu of Alexandra 1976-08-25

The pamphlet calls for a 2 day stayaway and worker boycott of public transport by workers of Alexandra.

Beware of Kriel's "new" NP 1994-00-00

Pamphlet about safety issues and violence published by the ANC for the 1994 elections.

Black Community Programmes 1971-00-00

This document contains suggestions for action for the Sprocas Black Community Programmes which were presented for discussion at the Sprocas Co-ordi

Black Community Programmes Limited: Projects and people 1977-00-00

A pamphlet containing photographs from projects of the Black Community Programmes.The goals of the Black Community Programmes are to help the Black

Black Ministers of the Dutch Reformed Church: statement on apartheid 1973-11-16

Pamphlet containing a statement by Ministers of the Dutch Reformed Church on their stance in rejecting apartheid as it cannot be reconciled with th

Boycott the racist referendum! 1984-09-02

African Peoples Democratic Union of South Africa (APDUSA), is pleading to the Coloured and Indian community to bocott the racist referendum demande

Challenge to the church: a theological comment on the political crisis in South Africa 1985-09-13

Pamphlet about theological comments on the political crisis in South Africa.

Collaborators and falsifiers exposed 1956-00-00

With the official opening of the Sultan Technical College, the members of the College Council had taken a decision to prohibit the African students

Commission for Justice and Reconciliation: economic measures against apartheid and the challenge to the church 1986-05-01

Pamphlet of the Commission for Justice and Reconciliation regarding economic measures such as sanctions, trade embargoes and disinvestment against

Constitutional guidelines for a democratic South Africa 1989-00-00

African National Congress Constitutional guidelines for a democratic South Africa. Issued by the ANC in Lusaka.

Daai geld, daai geld, daai baie geld! 1994-00-00

Pamphlet produced by the African National Congress for the 1994 elections.

Dear Mr State President 1986-02-02

Pamphlet issued by the President of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa to the State President about the State vision of apartheid

Die broederkring van predikante van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in Afrika 1973-11-16

Pamphlet, in Afrikaans, discussing the press publicity after announcing their stance in rejecting apartheid as it cannot be reconciled with the Wor

Disinvestment: a challenge to the church 1987-03-16

This is a pamphlet on disinvestment.

Emergency convocation of churches in South Africa: package of preparation material 1988-05-30

An Emergency Convocation of Churches was decided upon to work on and develop effective non-violent actions to pressure the government to the negoti

Fattis and Monis strike 1979-07-00

Pamphlet issued by the Catholic Students Society at Witwatersrand University in July 1979 supporting workers from Fattis nd Monis, on strike for hi

Guidelines for constitutional change in South Africa 1982-07-31

Document outlining the basic elements of constitutional change in South Africa, disclosed by Prime Minister P W Botha on 31st July, 1982.

Hands off the universities: hands off NUSAS: dossier for the press: 26 August 1987 1987-08-26

This is the NUSAS pamphlet. It covers the government attack to the universities and NUSAS opposition to apartheid.

Health and health services in the Ciskei 1983-09-00

Community Health Research project on health services and health needs in the Ciskei

Health implications of apartheid in South Africa 1975-03-00

Health implications of apartheid in South Africa


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