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Personal notes of the conversations with his Excellency President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos on 23 September 1988 to be conveyed directly to His Excellency President Pieter W Botha 1988-09-23

A translation of the personal notes of President Dos Santos answering questions presented by President P W Botha regarding the withdrawal of Cuban and South African troops from Angola and institut

Meeting between the African National Congress and the University of Natal 1988-10-00

Documents relating to a meeting between the African National Congress and the University of Natal.

South Africa/Angola/Cuba: For meeting with Neil van Heerden, Monday, October 17, 1988, Pretoria 1988-10-17

Notes for a meeting to discuss negotiation strategy for the withdrawal of Cuban troops from Angola

Notes on meeting between Director-General and President Savimbi on 26 October 1988 1988-10-26

Meeting between the Director-General of Namibia and President Savimbi on the progress of the Namibian negotiations and the political situation in Angola

Notes on meeting between PMC and UDF/COSATU Delegation 1989-05-06

Notes on a meeting between the African National Congress, the United Democratic Front and the Congress of South African Trade Unions, mainly about Inkatha.

South African and Western Initiatives 1989-05-23

Notes on Southern African and Western initiatives.

Emergent themes in South African propoganda 1989-05-31

Briefing notes to the Commonwealth Committee on South African propaganda and censorship regarding South African Government propaganda and necessary responses.

The current internal political situation: briefing notes 1989-08-16

African National Congress briefing notes on the South African political situation.

Notes on Mandela Papers 1990-01-26

Notes on a memorandum from Nelson Mandela to F W de Klerk regarding the release of political prisoners, peace, negotiations, the National Party's five-year plan and elections.

Preparing for an ANC Consultative Conference 1990-01-29

Comment by Jack Simons on some of the issues relating to an African National Congress Consultative Conference. Brief overview of the reason for the conference in exile.

A comment on the F W de Klerk address to Parliament on 2 February 1990 1990-02-03

Penuell Maduna's comments on F W de Klerk's address to Parliament when he announced the unbanning of the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party, amongst other organisations

Unbanning of ANC: some strategic considerations 1990-02-11

Notes on strategy after the unbanning of the African National Congress.

Notes of meeting of ANC Constitutional group 1991-04-12

Handwritten notes taken by Jack Simons at a meeting of the African National Congress Constitutional Group to discuss the current situation and the ANC's tasks.

ANC National Conference, July 1991: Notes for commission on violence 1991-07-00

Notes for Commission on Violence for the African National Congress National Conference in Durban, July 1991.

National Executive Committee Ballot Count 1991-08-00

Results of elections for the African National Congress National Executive Committee at a conference in Durban.

Negotiations 1991-09-00

Comments by the Thornhill branch of the ANC on negotiations between the National Party and the African National Congress.

Perspectives on the Patriotic Conference 1991-09-25

Notes by Popo Molefe on the Patriotic Conference.

Notes from meeting with Pete Hathorn and Ross Harker 1992-12-07

Notes of a meeting held between Pete Hathorn and Ross Harker pushing for the complete abolition of the Trespass Act of Section 1 of the Illegal Squatting Act


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