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Cloete 0000-00-00

Handwritten notes about the forced removals of the Mfengu people from their land

Leballo (continued) 0000-00-00

Incomplete handwritten notes by Jack Simons on Leballo and the Pan-Africanist Congress regarding the Organisation of African Unity and the United Front.

Fingo tribe who lived on land allocated to the tribe by Queen Victoria 0000-00-00

Forced removals of the Mfengu people from Humansdorp-Tsitsikamma area. Text of document is not clearly legible.

The Fingos have been described as the first Xhosa settlers in the Eastern Cape 0000-00-00

Annotated and edited notes on the history of the Fingo people in the Eastern Cape and their forced removal to Keiskammahoek

Notes of meeting to discuss OAU Liberation Committee Resolution calling for a United Front with PAC 0000-00-00

Notes of meeting to discuss Organisation of African Unity Liberation Committee Resolution calling for a United Front with the Pan-Africanist Congress.

White farmers in Tsitsikamma area 0000-00-00

List of white farmers living in the Tsitsikamma area

Canaan rediscovered: Fingo trust lands in the Humansdorp-Tsitsikamma area 0000-00-00

History of the Mfengu people and their forced removal from their lands in the Humnasdorp-Tsitsikamma area.

Amendment to the Trespass Act No. 6 of 1959 and the Illegal Squatting Act No.52 of 1951 0000-00-00

Suggested amendments to the Trespass Act No. 6 of 1959 and the Illegal Squatting Act No. 52 of 1951

Notes on meeting of ANC NEC 0000-00-00

Notes on a meeting of the African National Congress National Executive Committee, extended to include representatives of the Mazimbu leadership.

Stephen Sihewula was the applicant 0000-00-00

Government responses to applications by the Mfengu people to return to their land in the Humansdorp-Tsitsikamma area from which they were forcibly removed.

African middle class elite 1966-00-00

A research project conducted under the auspices of the Institute for Social and Economic Research, Rhodes University and dealing with the black townships of Grahamstown. Handwritten.

Grounds of appeal and addendum thereto in the matter of expulsion from the African National Congress of South Africa 1969-03-00

Grounds of appeal of expulsion of seven members of the ANC for criticising the National Executive Committee and its conduct.

Short notes on the Black Peoples Convention 1972-06-00

Notes on the background of the Black Peoples Convention (BPC)

Statement by the South African Council of Churches, June 1975 1975-06-00

Statement by South African Council Of Churches regarding a report by Le Grange, Commission of Inquiry on the Christian Institute and reaction from South African Council of Churches.

The dispossession of the Fingo people of Humansdorp-Tsitsikamma 1977-00-00

Edited notes about the forced removal of the Mfengu people from the Tsitsikama/Humansdorp District to Keiskammahoek in the Ciskei in 1977.

It is an obvious fact that who ever took pain to discredit and talk ill of the SSRC 1977-04-00

A handwritten note supporting the Soweto Students Representative Council

Notes taken from Selvyn Gross 1977-06-25

Notes taken from Selvyn Gross in Botswana on Cape Town activists and academics.

Summary notes of meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General: Cape Town, Monday, 22 January 1979 1979-01-22

Notes of a meeting to discuss the dates for deployment of UNTAG in Namibia, the implementation of Resolution 435 and the issue of Namibian refugees

A comment on four speeches by Mangosuthu G. Buthelezi 1979-03-27

Unauthored comments on character and political stance of Mangosuthu G. Buthelezi from speeches by him.

Comments on the history of mass removals as the grand design of the policy of apartheid 1979-04-03

Handwritten notes on the background and statistics of Black families being forcibly moved to Glenmore from Klipfontein and Kenton-on-Sea. Text of the notes is not clearly legible.


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