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1977-11-00 `Welfare` Act
1989-05-01 `n Vrou praat oor die ANC
1963-12-00 `n Beslissende stap
1990-06-00 `Chalk down` in Mozambique
1983-04-00 `Better understanding between unions` - talks
1984-02-00 Zulus were welded together by spear and blood
1984-05-00 Zulus rise from the ashes
1984-02-00 Zululand Council of Churches responds to ABRECSA incident
1985-00-00 Zulu king speaks his mind to SA leaders
1977-11-00 Zulu chief on plot charges
1984-06-00 Zulu and gum boot dancers entertain at Vereeniging local
1982-01-00 Zimbabwe`s white liberals praised
1984-11-00 Zimbabwe: Problems and prospects of socialist development
1958-01-00 Zimbabwe: capital of an ancient Rhodesian Kingdom
1965-01-00 Zimbabwe: a statement by the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party
1992-10-00 Zimbabwe, the drought and the IMF/World Bank
1967-10-01 Zimbabwe is not negotiable
1966-07-01 Zimbabwe dialogue
1977-04-01 Zimbabwe and danger of neo-colonialism
1980-05-00 Zimbabwe - From War to Peace
1989-02-00 Zephania Mothopeng
1958-04-00 Zeerust: a profile of reistance
1962-10-01 ZAPU's witness
1980-02-00 Zanyokwe - for betterment or worse
1978-12-01 ZANU and the advance of the Zimbabwean revolution
1976-08-01 Zambia`s principles on Angola
1968-00-00 Zambia's humanism
1990-00-00 Zambia rolls out the red carpet for Inkatha
1990-11-00 Zambia - bullets for bread
1986-01-00 Zambezi took a share
1977-08-01 Zaire M-L on Zaire
1978-12-01 Zaire and the theory of the three worlds
1990-01-01 Zabalaza: the essence of freedom
1982-05-00 Z. K. Matthews: A Review of Freedom for My People
1993-12-00 Yvonne Chaka Chaka: Princess of Africa
1983-09-00 Yusuf Dadoo, 1909 - 1983: Hamba kahle comrade
June/July 1990 Yuppies moet help bou aan nuwe SA (Article written in Afrikaans)
1964-01-18 Yugoslavia: planning and autonomy
1991-11-01 Yugoslavia: a federation in tatters
1986-04-00 Youth, workers are working together
1989-01-00 Youth women organise
1986-00-00 Youth who need jobs: a critical problem
15-Sep-92 Youth to the rescue
1976-02-00 Youth speaking
31-Aug-93 Youth show the way
1969-01-01 Youth movements in southern Africa
1989-06-00 Youth action against apartheid
1984-09-00 Youth
1989-02-01 Young South Africans visit Germany
1955-06-00 You scandalised our name
1965-03-01 You must keep them out at all costs
1989-03-00 You make the union strong
1993-05-00 You and your marriage: minors and marital power
1993-04-00 You and your marriage: customary marriages
28-Feb-93 Yet another bitter winter ahead?
1988-07-00 Yesterday, today, tomorrow
1989-01-00 Yesterday, today and tomorrow
1989-01-00 Yesterday, today and tomorrow
1987-01-00 Yesterday, today and tomorrow
1986-02-00 Yesterday, today and tomorrow


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