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1979-03-00 A Century of South African Short Stories
1983-11-00 A Challenge to Liberal Orthodoxes
1987-01-00 A challenge to the Church
1993-05-00 A change of heart
1989-04-00 A change of heart
1966-01-01 A change of heart?
1972-08-00 A charge of assault
1976-01-00 A Chief is a Chief by the People
1985-08-00 A child died in police custody
1994-02-00 A child is born: getting ready for the big day
1978-05-00 A Child's Guide to Politics
1966-11-01 A chink in the curtain
1983-05-00 A chronology of women`s struggles in health
1983-10-00 A clarion call for unity
1985-05-00 A community struggles for healthy housing
1992-11-00 A comprehensive analysis: response to Seleoane
1985-00-00 A Conference of escalation
1989-03-00 A Conversation with a Pilgrim
15-Jul-93 A corporate earning curve
1988-00-00 A country in mourning: what the SA Govt has done
July/August 1990 A crisis from the cradle
1985-10-00 A critical analysis of the criticism of consumer boycotts
31-Aug-94 A crucial connection
1993-05-00 A cry for life: the spirituality of the Third World
28-Feb-93 A cultural shopping spree for better future
1988-08-00 A day in the life of a doctor in a rural hospital
1957-10-00 A Day to remember
1991-01-00 A Death in South Africa: the killing of Sipho Phungulwa
15-Oct-94 A decade of solutions
1963-12-00 A decisive step
15-Oct-93 A degree of hope
1961-12-00 A demand that will become irresistible
1960-12-00 A Detainee`s Thanks
1975-08-00 A diary
1962-12-00 A dictionary for English-speaking South Africans
1973-05-00 A Disconcerting Liberal
1985-08-00 A doctor from an Eastern Cape hospital reports
1982-11-00 A Doctor Visits China
1960-04-00 A drink in the passage
1987-00-00 A eulogy to Ntsizwa Nicky Hlongwane
1975-02-00 A fantasy
1955-04-00 A fearful silence
1966-04-01 A few days and nights
1991-06-01 A fight for the land: the re-occupation of Criemen, Roosboom and Charlestown
1984-00-00 A fitting tribute
1993-05-00 A force that can't be ignored
1960-10-00 A Foreign correspondent in South Africa
1972-06-00 A four-cent debt
15-Jul-93 A framework for fair play
1991-11-00 A framework for understanding the financing of health care
1968-01-00 A Franchise System for Divided Communities
1973-08-00 A free press?
1984-07-00 A freedom movement for all
1981-05-00 A Fresh Clear Voice
1991-10-00 A Gain for Human Rights
1963-09-21 A gentle people
1990-05-01 A German encounter
1991-04-00 A glimpse behind the bamboo curtain
1989-02-01 A glimpse of life in the townships
1994-08-00 A gold for Africa


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