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1992-09-01 World Bank group supports communal tenure
1993-06-00 World Bank's land plan for South Africa
1993-10-00 World Bank's latest options for SA land reform
1984-10-00 World Federation condemns "witchhunt"
1968-00-00 World in development
1989-03-00 World miner congress votes for solidarity
1989-07-00 World mineworkers are proud of NUM
1973-03-00 World Poverty
1994-04-00 World tour holds lessons for SA cities
1989-12-00 World watch as NP, ANC manoeuvre for moral high ground
1983-02-01 Worldwide support for shoe workers
10-Dec-91 World`s women stake their claim
1985-04-00 WP win final in fine style
1981-08-00 Wrab boils up a recipe for a black buffer class
1965-01-00 Wreckers of the Fight against Apartheid: 1:The myth of PAC militancy
1990-01-00 Writer's agenda: the nineties
1989-07-01 Writers start journey to new SA
31-Jul-92 Writing on the wall for Afrikaans press?
1982-09-00 Writing Towards a Common Future
1963-12-00 Wrong choice
15-Oct-93 Wrong to focus on the whites
1993-11-00 X marks the spot: Land deal aims to win Kwa Zulu over
1985-06-00 YCW International Week - an evaluation
1983-08-00 Year after year somewhere in South Africa the government delivers its message
1984-10-00 Year-long strike in Arizona, USA
1984-10-00 Years without unions
1981-08-01 Yes we CAN feed all those starving children
1989-01-00 Yesterday, today and tomorrow
1989-01-00 Yesterday, today and tomorrow
1988-04-00 Yesterday, today and tomorrow
1989-04-00 Yesterday, today and tomorrow
1987-08-00 Yesterday, today and tomorrow
1986-02-00 Yesterday, today and tomorrow
1987-01-00 Yesterday, today and tomorrow
1988-07-00 Yesterday, today, tomorrow
28-Feb-93 Yet another bitter winter ahead?
1993-04-00 You and your marriage: customary marriages
1993-05-00 You and your marriage: minors and marital power
1989-03-00 You make the union strong
1965-03-01 You must keep them out at all costs
1955-06-00 You scandalised our name
1989-02-01 Young South Africans visit Germany
1984-09-00 Youth
1989-06-00 Youth action against apartheid
1969-01-01 Youth movements in southern Africa
31-Aug-93 Youth show the way
1976-02-00 Youth speaking
15-Sep-92 Youth to the rescue
1986-00-00 Youth who need jobs: a critical problem
1989-01-00 Youth women organise
1986-04-00 Youth, workers are working together
1991-11-01 Yugoslavia: a federation in tatters
1964-01-18 Yugoslavia: planning and autonomy
June/July 1990 Yuppies moet help bou aan nuwe SA (Article written in Afrikaans)
1983-09-00 Yusuf Dadoo, 1909 - 1983: Hamba kahle comrade
1993-12-00 Yvonne Chaka Chaka: Princess of Africa
1982-05-00 Z. K. Matthews: A Review of Freedom for My People
1990-01-01 Zabalaza: the essence of freedom
1978-12-01 Zaire and the theory of the three worlds
1977-08-01 Zaire M-L on Zaire


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