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1989-03-01 Women and democracy
1989-05-00 Women and detention
1983-05-00 Women and mental health: a comment
1958-01-00 Women and passes
1959-04-00 Women and passes (II)
1993-12-00 Women and sport: the long road ahead
1993-10-00 Women and SWAPO: institutionalised rape in SWAPO s prisons
1983-06-00 Women and trade unions
1993-04-00 Women and trees: growing together
1963-11-26 Women as nation-builders
1982-08-00 Women come together at Wits
1984-06-00 Women demand guaranteed re-employment
1985-08-00 Women fighting everywhere
1983-05-00 Women health workers
1992-08-00 Women in action
1982-08-01 Women in focus
1979-11-00 Women in medicine
1993-07-00 Women in pharmacy
1994-08-00 Women in power
1987-08-00 Women in the struggle: Gladys Maqolo
1987-08-00 Women in the struggle: Janet Cherry
1992-07-00 Women in the unions
1982-04-00 Women in wage-labour in Swaziland: a focus on agriculture
1992-08-00 Women in Zimbabwe: "women`s rights are human rights!"
1993-09-00 Women living with HIV: a group encounter
1989-04-00 Women make the music
1987-08-00 Women making history: 9 August 1956
1981-08-00 Women meet and pay tribute
1991-04-00 Women not uniting for peace just yet?
1990-06-00 Women on the march
1987-08-00 Women on the march - a woman's place is in the struggle
1994-02-00 Women on the right track
1987-08-00 Women organise
1984-12-00 Women organising child care
1989-09-01 Women relive Pretoria march
1989-08-00 Women say no to apartheid
1989-04-00 Women speak
1991-06-00 Women speak out about Aids
1994-02-00 Women take a stand against violence
15-Jun-92 Women take their rightful place
1989-04-00 Women take up the challenge
17-Dec-92 Women talk votes and power
1975-08-00 Women talking
1985-04-00 Women together are strong!
1985-04-00 Women workers
1988-07-00 Women workers in Britain fighting for a women's world too
1984-06-00 Women workers speak out at FOSATU booklet launch
1985-01-00 Women workers strike over job evaluation
1985-06-01 Women workers win job evaluation battle
1983-05-00 Women workers, maternity benefits and trade unions
1986-01-00 Women workers: "Men's wages should be higher"
1991-06-00 Women workers` movement in the Philippines
1989-01-00 Women writers want to be heard
1990-01-00 Women writers: a separate entity
1993-04-00 Women's health
1971-09-00 Women's Liberation in South Africa
1984-09-00 Women's oppression
1985-09-00 Women's oppression No 3
1981-08-00 Women's rights new thrust in FOSATU agreements
1991-11-00 Women, class, racism and the British NHS


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