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The banning of eighteen Black Consciousness organisations 1977-11-00

A circular condemning the government's banning of Black Conciousness organisations in the aftermath of the Soweto riots

Soweto Students Representative Council: Pledge solidarity with students 1977-06-16

Circular issued by the SSRC calling for increased solidarity with Black students in South Africa in the struggle for freedom

The Trade Union Movement 1984-11-00

Annexure B of circular entitled The Trade Union Movement

Twelve statements: a christian elections manifesto 1970-01-00

This is a circular consisting of twelve statements for the consideration of all christian voters in the republic of South Africa.

Soweto Students Representative Council: Boycott on rent increase 1977-04-00

Circular calling for solidarity of students with parents over a rent increase

Draft Code of Conduct for SACP members in an election list and serving Parliament and government structures at national, regional and local levels 1993-00-00

Internal discussion document proposing a code of conduct in the light of impending elections for a Constituent Assembly.

Who is this Mr N. Honono now serving a five year ban and placed under house arrest? 1963-00-00

Circular explaining the background to the banning and house arrest of N. Honono, president of the Non-European Unity Movement.

SACP 8th Congress: Standing orders and rules of the Congress 1991-11-00

Paper discussing rules and procedure of the South African Communist Party

December 16, 1976: Parents' day of pledging solidarity with the students 1976-12-16

Circular, issued by the Soweto Students Representative Council, calling for a commemoration on 16 December 1976, of those killed in police violence

The Black students' message to their beloved parents 1976-08-27

This circular, written by the Soweto Students Representative Council, condemns the Black education system and the conditions of migrant labourers l

A message from the Administrator-General of Namibia and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to all SWAPO personnel 1989-04-06

Circular from the Administrator-General of Namibia to SWAPO soldiers to lay down their weapons and return to Angola giving them an undertaking of s

Azikhwelwa: Monday 1st - 5th November, l976 1976-10-28

Circular, issued by the Soweto Students Representative Council, calling for further worker and consumer boycott

Now Cape Town...Now Langa too is burning 1976-08-12

The circular informs University of Cape Town students of a mass meeting to be held in response to the political turmoil that had begun to affect Ca

Brothers and sisters of Chatsworth 1972-10-00

The flyer is aimed at the residents of Chatsworth, an Indian residential suburb in Durban and discusses the bus boycott by the Chatsworth community

Prevention of Illegal Squatting Amendment Act: Punitive Squatting Act signed: 9 February 1989 1989-00-00

Circular relating to the prevention of Illegal Squatting Act of 1951 which prohibited the creation and occupation of almost all informal housing

SACP reading list 1991-02-00

Paper containing reading list on the history of the SACP

Teachers and students unite 1976-00-00

The circular issued by the Soweto Students' Representative Council urges the community to stand in solidarity with teachers who have resigned, in

The S.A.C.P. district committees 1991-00-00

The S.A.C.P. district committees. Paper discussing challenges facing the party, democratic centralism, and organisational role.

Soweto Students' Representative Council. Students and Parents of Soweto 1977-09-00

The circular issued by the Soweto Students' Representative Council calls upon students and parents to resist the take over of community schools wit

Circular on the London office 1979-00-00

The External Affairs Office of the Black Peoples Convention was set up by a resolution to handle foreign public relations and programmes for the we

8th Party Congress News 1991-00-00

Booklet issued by the SACP supplying news about the 8th party congress held in 1991 and also discuss information about voting.

Message to the Black Azanians 0000-00-00

A "power to the people" circular

Mayibuye...mayibuye...mayibuye 1974-03-00

This is a circular about black people being murdered for refusing to carry passes and for fighting for human rights.

People of Azania 0000-00-00

A "power to the people" circular

Soweto Students Representative Council: We shall share sufference and joyous moments 1977-06-16

The circular, issued by the SSRC, calls for a one year commemoration for all students who died in the political unrest in Soweto on 16th June 1976

I B Tabata on the Liberation Struggle in South Africa 1965-11-04

Notice of a meeting where I B Tabata would speak about the liberation struggle in South Africa.

If someone you know is detained, arrested, harrassed or injured in terms of security legislation 1985-00-00

Circular informing people about things to do if someone they know is detained, arrested, harrassed or injured in terms of security legislation

Azikhwelwa: Parents co-operate with us! 1976-09-13

Circular, issued by the Soweto Students' Representative Council, calling for a boycott and stayaway by parents and workers from the 13-15 Septembe

To all residents of Soweto, hostels, Reef and Pretoria, we say: remember you are all Blacks 1976-09-07

The circular issued by the Soweto Students' Representative Council, in English, Zulu and a translation into Afrikaans, is an appeal to all residen

From the African Scholars of Cape Town: Once we return to our desks - the cause is lost! 1976-09-05

Recommendations from the pupils of the Cape Town Bantu schools with regard to improving the Bantu education system

Statement of demand 1976-06-00

A statement of demands by students attending the Thomas Mofolo Secondary School that includes a rejection of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction a

Soweto Student Representative Council: Black people let us unite 1976-10-00

Circular calling for unity amongst the Black people in their struggle for national liberation

Black Renaissance Convention, St.Peters Conference Centre, Hammanskraal, 13th-16th December 1974 1974-12-00

The document contains a declaration of the Convention's opposition to the apartheid policy and resolutions for future plans to reconvene conferenc

To town, to Eloff, to that exclusive White paradise 1976-09-22

Circular urging the people of Johannesburg and surrounding areas to demonstrate against government oppression

A call to all: now is the time to take an active role in the struggle for human dignity 1976-00-00

The call is made by students of the Cape Peninsular to join the fight for human dignity against the unjust apartheid system.

Azikwelwa E Thembisa 1976-09-20

Circular urges parents to unite with students in stayaways planned to oppose state oppression

Who is next? 1976-00-00

A circular calling for solidarity in the fight for freedom

Vukani zizwe 1976-09-15

Handwritten circular in Xhosa, with English translation, distributed in the Port Elizabeth area calling for a strike.

Circular from Barney Pityana to SRC Presidents and other organisations 1970-00-00 Barney Pityana |

The circular outlines the historical background of the formation of the South African Students Organisation (SASO) as well as the aims and structu

Suggested Agenda for SASO-NUSAS Executive Meeting. 1969-12-00 South African Students Organisation |

Agenda for a meeting


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