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Soweto Students' Representative Council. Students and Parents of Soweto 1977-09-00

The circular issued by the Soweto Students' Representative Council calls upon students and parents to resist the take over of community schools wit

SACP reading list 1991-02-00

Paper containing reading list on the history of the SACP

Brothers and sisters of Chatsworth 1972-10-00

The flyer is aimed at the residents of Chatsworth, an Indian residential suburb in Durban and discusses the bus boycott by the Chatsworth community

Circular on the London office 1979-00-00

The External Affairs Office of the Black Peoples Convention was set up by a resolution to handle foreign public relations and programmes for the we

Soweto Students Representative Council: We shall share sufference and joyous moments 1977-06-16

The circular, issued by the SSRC, calls for a one year commemoration for all students who died in the political unrest in Soweto on 16th June 1976

The S.A.C.P. district committees 1991-00-00

The S.A.C.P. district committees. Paper discussing challenges facing the party, democratic centralism, and organisational role.

Soweto Students Representative Council: Pledge solidarity with students 1977-06-16

Circular issued by the SSRC calling for increased solidarity with Black students in South Africa in the struggle for freedom

8th Party Congress News 1991-00-00

Booklet issued by the SACP supplying news about the 8th party congress held in 1991 and also discuss information about voting.

If someone you know is detained, arrested, harrassed or injured in terms of security legislation 1985-00-00

Circular informing people about things to do if someone they know is detained, arrested, harrassed or injured in terms of security legislation

The banning of eighteen Black Consciousness organisations 1977-11-00

A circular condemning the government's banning of Black Conciousness organisations in the aftermath of the Soweto riots

Soweto Students Representative Council: Boycott on rent increase 1977-04-00

Circular calling for solidarity of students with parents over a rent increase

The Trade Union Movement 1984-11-00

Annexure B of circular entitled The Trade Union Movement

I B Tabata on the Liberation Struggle in South Africa 1965-11-04

Notice of a meeting where I B Tabata would speak about the liberation struggle in South Africa.

December 16, 1976: Parents' day of pledging solidarity with the students 1976-12-16

Circular, issued by the Soweto Students Representative Council, calling for a commemoration on 16 December 1976, of those killed in police violence

Twelve statements: a christian elections manifesto 1970-01-00

This is a circular consisting of twelve statements for the consideration of all christian voters in the republic of South Africa.

Mayibuye...mayibuye...mayibuye 1974-03-00

This is a circular about black people being murdered for refusing to carry passes and for fighting for human rights.

The Black students' message to their beloved parents 1976-08-27

This circular, written by the Soweto Students Representative Council, condemns the Black education system and the conditions of migrant labourers l

Draft Code of Conduct for SACP members in an election list and serving Parliament and government structures at national, regional and local levels 1993-00-00

Internal discussion document proposing a code of conduct in the light of impending elections for a Constituent Assembly.

Azikhwelwa: Monday 1st - 5th November, l976 1976-10-28

Circular, issued by the Soweto Students Representative Council, calling for further worker and consumer boycott

Message to the Black Azanians 0000-00-00

A "power to the people" circular

Now Cape Town...Now Langa too is burning 1976-08-12

The circular informs University of Cape Town students of a mass meeting to be held in response to the political turmoil that had begun to affect Ca

SACP 8th Congress: Standing orders and rules of the Congress 1991-11-00

Paper discussing rules and procedure of the South African Communist Party

Who is this Mr N. Honono now serving a five year ban and placed under house arrest? 1963-00-00

Circular explaining the background to the banning and house arrest of N. Honono, president of the Non-European Unity Movement.

People of Azania 0000-00-00

A "power to the people" circular

A message from the Administrator-General of Namibia and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to all SWAPO personnel 1989-04-06

Circular from the Administrator-General of Namibia to SWAPO soldiers to lay down their weapons and return to Angola giving them an undertaking of s

Prevention of Illegal Squatting Amendment Act: Punitive Squatting Act signed: 9 February 1989 1989-00-00

Circular relating to the prevention of Illegal Squatting Act of 1951 which prohibited the creation and occupation of almost all informal housing

Teachers and students unite 1976-00-00

The circular issued by the Soweto Students' Representative Council urges the community to stand in solidarity with teachers who have resigned, in

To town, to Eloff, to that exclusive White paradise 1976-09-22

Circular urging the people of Johannesburg and surrounding areas to demonstrate against government oppression

A call to all: now is the time to take an active role in the struggle for human dignity 1976-00-00

The call is made by students of the Cape Peninsular to join the fight for human dignity against the unjust apartheid system.

Azikwelwa E Thembisa 1976-09-20

Circular urges parents to unite with students in stayaways planned to oppose state oppression

Who is next? 1976-00-00

A circular calling for solidarity in the fight for freedom

Vukani zizwe 1976-09-15

Handwritten circular in Xhosa, with English translation, distributed in the Port Elizabeth area calling for a strike.

Azikhwelwa: Parents co-operate with us! 1976-09-13

Circular, issued by the Soweto Students' Representative Council, calling for a boycott and stayaway by parents and workers from the 13-15 Septembe

Black Renaissance Convention, St.Peters Conference Centre, Hammanskraal, 13th-16th December 1974 1974-12-00

The document contains a declaration of the Convention's opposition to the apartheid policy and resolutions for future plans to reconvene conferenc

To all residents of Soweto, hostels, Reef and Pretoria, we say: remember you are all Blacks 1976-09-07

The circular issued by the Soweto Students' Representative Council, in English, Zulu and a translation into Afrikaans, is an appeal to all residen

From the African Scholars of Cape Town: Once we return to our desks - the cause is lost! 1976-09-05

Recommendations from the pupils of the Cape Town Bantu schools with regard to improving the Bantu education system

Statement of demand 1976-06-00

A statement of demands by students attending the Thomas Mofolo Secondary School that includes a rejection of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction a

Soweto Student Representative Council: Black people let us unite 1976-10-00

Circular calling for unity amongst the Black people in their struggle for national liberation

Circular from Barney Pityana to SRC Presidents and other organisations 1970-00-00 Barney Pityana |

The circular outlines the historical background of the formation of the South African Students Organisation (SASO) as well as the aims and structu

Can we ask the question and find out the answer why our Brother Onkopotse Tiro was murdered in Botswana 1974-02-00 South African Students Organisation |

The circular urges Blacks students to take note of the murder of Black leaders by the apartheid government.


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