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  1. Aspects of family life in the South African Indian Community.

    ... of existing family structure are indispensable. Fortes, in Goody (1958: 18), sets a paradigm tlistinguishing three main stages ... of the final pliase, the phase ol replacement. Fortes makes it clear that phases in the developmerital cycle ol ... Ac.urlerny of Polilirical and Social Scietlc.~V, ol. 305. Fortes, J . ( 1957): Tlle fle~~elol~r~?Cery~c.r/euilr l Uorllcs~icG ...

    Siya - 2019-08-07 13:57

  2. Assorted conferences, correspondence and articles

    ... of this new group - Abilio Duarte, Dulce Alr.iada, Corsj_no Fortes and Rolando Martins - have only just reached the standard of Onesimo, ...

    Gani - 2019-07-25 13:39

  3. A contextualization and examination of the impi yamakhanda (1906 uprising) as reported by J. L. Dube in Ilanga Lase Natal, with special focus on Dube’s attitude to Dinuzulu as indicated in his reportage on the treason trial of Dinuzulu

    ... Political Systems. Edited by E. Evans Pitchard and M. Fortes. London, 1940. Gluckman, M. Journal of African Studies. ...

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