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Letters to Elred from Phyllis Naidoo

Letters from Phyllis Naidoo to Elred

Sports and the liberation struggle : a tribute to Sam Ramsamy and others who fought apartheid sport

In South Africa, as nowhere else, sports boycott made a great contribution to liberation. The Indian community can be proud that Indian sportspersons and administrators were in the vanguard of this front of the anti-apartheid struggle.

Natal Indian Congress (NIC)

The NIC (Natal Indian Congress) was the first of the Indian Congresses to be formed. It was established in 1894 by Mahatma Gandhi to fight discrimination against Indian traders in Natal.

Indian South Africans (1977)

South Africans who originate from the Indian sub- continent form a distinct minority group, identifiable by history, race, culture and status, and subjected to specific discrimination.

Wooden spoon

Zulu wooden spoon with long handle, made out of light wood.

Walking stick

A Zulu walking stick made out of Ivory or bones. It has a black tip and carved handle. Used as a ceremonial gift with an inscription on the side of the handle. 

Background to Indian South African

The history of Indian South Africans begin as early as 1652 with the arrival of Muslim exiles at the Cape under the Dutch East India Company Rule.

Knob Stick

A knob- stick with rounded head placed on the far side of the stick.it is made out of wild olive from Zululand. It is known as a ceremonial stick.

Letter to Mrs Cowley from Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Mrs Cowley

Bride's Belt

Two bearded coils in white base design of triangles on each sides.  Worn by Zulu or Baca women

Costume headdress

Headress married woman of Jozini clan, Msinga

Costume headdress

Headdress for married woman of Mandini

Costume headdress

Head dress worn by married woman from Ndwede area 1980's. with plastic beadwork ornaments

Costume headdress

Headdress for married woman, Ndwede

Costume headdress

Headdress of chrocheted wool for married woman, Ndwede

Costume headdress

Headdress for married woman, Stanger/Glenendale 1980's

Costume headdress

Headdress for married woman

Costume headdress

Umemulo headdress from Msinga 1980's

Costume Headdress

Headdress married woman Emahunwinini clan. 1960's

Wooden Plate

Circular plate with four legs and a handle on one side.It is known as Isithebe in IsiZulul


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