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 Scenes taken from the doorway of main rondovel in mchunu homestead. Children outside and woman posses as if she were a bride with knife.


 Various scene of rondaval huts and homestad children and young people in Mchunu Family home


 Various scenes of children and young people in Mchunu homestead at KwaMadakana

Homes of Missionaries and Pimary School

Homes of Missionaries and Primary school

Homeric Mimicry
Home of Alfred Thomas Metcalf, at Joe's Luck


Label on back of photograph:


"Father's home at Joe's Luck".  Father was Alfred Thomas Metcalf.

Identification from original album

Original photograph in KCL Ph. Album in the Erskine MSS.  "Album" with loose leaves, p. 9

Home - Zulu

Scene of a woman with a container on her head, huts, trees and mountains on the background.

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit 

Holy family

Holy family

Holub, 1865

Holub, Rosa, 1865?

Holub Dr Emil 1847-1902

Dr Emil Holub

Holliday Ruper 1880-1889

Holliday Rupert

Holding Barracks

This barracks housed the indenture labourers before been placed with a farmer.

Hofmeyr: The story of a dilemma
Hofmeyr: An appraisal
Hofmeyr: Alan Paton
Hofmeyr, by Alan Paton
Hofmeyr's Will
Hofmeyr's victory message to nation
Hofmeyr says Nats misrepresented him


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