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Olive Schreiner and the women's vote
The Legal Disabilities of Zulu Women Part 2
For African Women Equal Rights are Not Enough
The African Woman
Lebitla la mosadi ke bogadi
Women meet and pay tribute
National Women's Day: women call for organisation and unity
Women in focus
Isithebe workers sexuallly humiliated
Lenatex worker told to go down on her knees and beg factory manager
Toyota`s maternity agreement
Women`s oppression highlighted
New maternity deal at Autoplastics
Transport workers to fight for shorter hours
New maternity benefits at Henkel

Women workers at Henkel at Prospecton will be paid as much as 78 percent of their wages during maternity leave as a result of a new agreement negotiated by the Chemical Workers Industrial Union.

Huge step towards proper child care

A huge step forward has been made towards providing proper child care for workers' children.

Women's rights new thrust in FOSATU agreements

Two new agreements signed by FOSATU unions give special recognition to the rights of women.

Equal wages for women!

The struggle to end discrimination against women recently took another step forward in the Transvaal.

Child care centres needed

The unions started looking at the issue of child care after being alarmed by the rate at which infant deaths are running.


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