Thumbnail Title Description
" Basotholand: Mafeteng"

Watercolor scene of Basutholand with the view of Mafeteng.

" Basotholand: Thabansu"

Watercolor scene of Basotholand with the view of Thabansu.

Four Birds of Natal: Amethyst

Watercolor scene of one of four of the birds of Natal, sitting on a flower. It is called the Amethyst, the sun bird of Natal.

Sailing Ship

Watercolor scene of a ship sailing in choppy waters.

Four Birds of Natal: Wagtail

Watercolor scene of one of the four birds of Natal standing on a stone. It is called a wagtail.

'Old Basotho Woman'

Watercolor portrait of an Old Basutho woman sitting on the ground.

'Toledo: two Oxen'

Watercolor scene of an Ox wagon carrying hay.

Country scene with two figures

Watercolor scene of Country with two human figures walking on a path.

" Landscape:Home"

Scene of a homestead in the hills with modern houses arund trees.

Landscape scene of cattle

Colorful landscape scene of two small boys driving a herd of cattle on the field.

Landscape scene of a river

Landscape scene of a river with a woman carrying wood on her head.

Letter A: ox wagon

Watercolor series of letters, Letter A with an ox wagon on the background.

Letter A

Watercolor series of letters, letter A with a Zulu man in the background.

Zulu man hunting

Watercolor scene of a Zulu man holding a stick while hunting next to a river.

'Night scene; two huts'

Watercolor of a night scene of two huts in between trees.

Two Bhaca Women

Two Bhaca women carrying waterpots, travelling on a country road. Different color.

'Two Bhaca Woman'

Two Bhaca women carying water pots and travelling on a country raod.

"Man carrying a hoe"

Watercolor scene of a man carrying a hoe on his back.

'European Couple'

Watercolor of Europain couple.

'Night Scene'

Watercolor scene of three young men hitting out veld fire with tree branches.


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