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MAWU prepares for this year's metal wage talks
Latest wage increases
Wages double
News in brief

The National Automobile and Allied Workers Union has won a new R2 an hour minimum wage rate at Leyland's Cape Town plant.

Council's wages bettered

Within six weeks of gaining recognition at Leyland SA's warehouse and repair shop in Elandsfontein, NAAWU negotiated a new wage deal for its members at the plant.

Bakers strike ends in victory

One thousand workers in Bakers' Isando and Pinetown factories ended their two week legal strike with a taste of victory.

Factory wage talks in paper industry

For the first time in the history of the pulp and paper industrial council, employers have agreed to refer the wage negotiations back to factory level in an attempt to break their deadlock with the unions.

Demands for metal wage talks

It's that time of the year again and the yearly tussle at the giant metal industry's industrial council is due to begin.

Toyota agreement
CWIU climbs back at Sasol

Ever since the agreement with Sasol in March this year, the Chemical Workers Industrial Union has been working hard to rebuild and strengthen organisation at the Sasol plants and Sasol mines.

KDC's minimum doubled

Due to the campaigning of Sweet Food and Allied Workers Union members, the KwaZulu Development Corporation has nearly doubled the minimum wage of all its workers.

Metal workers dissatisfied with industrial council wage increases

Disatisfaction with this year's industrial council wage agreement has already led to strikes at two Transvaal companies and another one could be on the way as metal workers attempt to win a better wage increase at plant-level.

SEIFSA heads for collision with metal workers

SEIFSA, the giant metal employers' association, has renewed its call for its members to resist any trade union pressure for plant-level bargaining.

Jubilant Alfa workers return victorious

Union organisation at Brits in the Transvaal is growing stronger day by day.

Workers boycott overtime
Starvation wages not acceptable
R6 million pay out

There was great excitement in all Putco depots on July 19 when the company paid out over R6 million in backpay to workers.

Uitenhage strikes - victory for a living wage

The 3 week long Volkswagen strike and the wage settlement reached earlier this month mark a great break through for workers.

Smashing the paper monopolies to pulp
Truckers strike to win rights to national negotiations


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