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A message from the Administrator-General of Namibia and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to all SWAPO personnel

Circular from the Administrator-General of Namibia to SWAPO soldiers to lay down their weapons and return to Angola giving them an undertaking of safety if they return to Namibia peacefully.

The Children`s Charter
The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
The Sacred trust of South West Africa
The Pattern of betrayal
An open letter to the United Nations
South West Africa and the United Nations
Focus on Africa
A petitioner speaks
Foundation cream
Lebensraum in limbo
Obstacles to free and fair elections in Namibia

UN Resolution 435, which provided for free and fair elections in Namibia, was implemented on 1 April 1989. A Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and a UN Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) were responsible for the supervision and control of this process .

Africa puts the West on trial

Article on the United Nations Security Council's debate on South Africa and the Anglo-American accord influence on this debate

South West Africa: test case for UNO and Africa
The United Nations: illusions and reality
The South African people will win their freedom: a statement by the central committee of the South African Communist Party
Congo: the legal aspect
Editorial notes
Editorial notes: A great victory


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