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Intensify the academic boycott

Pamphlet produced by underground Umkhonto we Sizwe unit at the University of Cape Town.

Joe Slovo
Lessons of our people`s war: Part 2
Letter from Chris Hani to Ray Simons

Handwritten letter from Chris Hani to Ray Simons regarding Umkhonto We Sizwe work and strategy.

Letter from Ronnie Kasrils to Jack Simons

Handwritten letter from Ronnie Kasrils to Jack Simons regarding Umkhonto We Sizwe lectures and courses.

Limillione tsa batho li ne le le mahlomoleng ka baka la ho bolauoa ha mohale oa bona- batho bangata ha ba ea mesebetsing(article written in Sotho language)
Making of a revolutionary army
Mayibuye Number 7/8 1986 Year of Umkhonto we Sizwe

Mayibuye, journal of the African National Congress.

MK and the future

Paper discussing the role of Umkhonto We Sizwe and its future, the SADF, and the relationship between Umkhonto We Sizwe and the South African Defence Force

MK Chief a reluctant soldier
MK in combat
MK is born
MK soldiers viewpoint - our task is titanic
MK: 21
Our people`s army is growing
Peace mission to Lusaka
Political and military training in our Army
Politics and the armed struggle: the revolutionary army

Paper delivered by Ronnie Kasrils on Umkhonto we Sizwe. Outlines the army's basic positions and the consequences and tasks which flow from them.


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