Ugu Region

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Workshop Papers hosted by IsiZulu Program

I write to report that the workshop, which was hosted by lsiZulu Program, was a greatsuccess. The Dean of the F acuity of Humanities made a contribution when he...

Religio-Cultural Dynamics of the San and Their Influence on Zulu Religion and Culture

There are numerous heritage-tourism artifacts and creative talent in the Ugu region enabling the place to serve as a heritage-tourism destiny......

Heritage Tourism Potential in the Ugu Region: A Project

The purpose of this investigation is to identify the tourism potential of the Ugu Region in terms of historical and cultural sites as well as natural resources, in order to establish a sustainable tourism package that will benefit the people living in the area.

History of KZN Natal Zulus - Traditional Zulu File

Compared to the northern parts of KwaZulu-Natal with their battlefields and nature reserves and the enhancement of the Midlands, the southern area of the province has not developed as far as tourism is concerned. There are, however, areas that could be ear-marked for tourism development.

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