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Transvaal Indian Congress (TIC)

The TIC (Transvaal Indian congress) was first called the TBIA (Transvaal British Indian Association) which was founded in 1903. The organization was later named the TIC when India was no longer under British control.

The Dadoo Xuma Naicker Pact 9 March 1947

African National Congress, Natal, Transvaal Indian Congress. Three Doctors Pact

The Dadoo -Xuma-Naicker Pact, 1947
Thanga Dharmalingam
South African Women's Day

At a rally in Johannesburg on South African Women’s Day organised by the Federation of South African Women

Report of Asiatic Land Laws Commission

In terms of Commissions issued by Your Excellency on 3rd February, 1938, and 24th March, 1938, the undersigned were appointed as Your Excellency's Commissioners to enquire into and report whether, and if so to what extent, the letter and spirit of any law restricting or prohibiting the ownership,

Passive Resistance - 50th Anniversary

Exactly 50 years ago to this day, a gallant group of men and women defied the latest racist laws inflicted upon one of our disenfranchised peoples.

New Age Vol.5 No.45 Aug. 1959
New Age Vol.4 No.3158 May. 1958
Map Transvaal : Indian Settlements c. 1904.

The Transvaal Colony was the name used to refer to the Transvaal region during the period of ...

Leaders at the South African Indian Congress Conference

Delegates relax during a break at the 23rd national conference of the South African Indian Congress held in Durban recently.

Indian Opinion Vol.48 No.25 Jun 1950
Indian Congress again slams DP over poll
Genisis of Apartheid submitted by the Transvaal Indian Congress

Freedom in our Lifetime....

Documents of the African National Congress, Natal Indian Congress, Transvaal Indian Congress and the Non-European movement and the Indian
Delegates to the S. A. Indian Congress (1930) - Emergency Conference

The South African Indian Congress was an organisation founded in 1921 in Natal, South Africa. The congress is famous for its strong participation by Mahatma Gandhi and other prominent South African Indian figures during the time

At a beach cottage, Treasure beach, 1958.

Seated: Errol Shanley; 3rd George Sewpersad and members of the NIC & TIC

At a beach cottage, Treasure Beach, 1958.

Standing: Nathoo? (TIC); Ayob Khan (NIC), Verulam; seated: MJ Naidoo and his wife, Sanna

Article on the imprisonment of Indres Naidoo

A crowd of Indians gathers around to wave good-bye as three young Indian men are taken away from Rand Supreme Court....


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