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Personnel choices - an overview
Personnel development for health in South Africa
Prize giving to nurses

Nurses prizing giving

Procession (Contact Photos) (Black & White).

St Aidan’s Mission Hospital and Church

Project budget convering contribution from donor

Annexure 1 of the African National Congress (ANC) project document for the proposed Vocational Training Centre in Dakawa.

Readying health personnel for the aids epidemic
Recommendations of PMC Commission on FA restructuring

Recommendations of the African National Congress Political Military Committee on Forward Areas restructuring.

Reconstruction for a democratic South Africa
Regional Education Department Report (Angola)

African National Congress (ANC) Regional Education Department Report (Angola). Covers Luanda District, Lubango Unit, Caculama, farm Complex, Quibaxe Pango Centres, School project, Regional Education Committee, Viana Vocational Training Centre and Scholarships.

Regional reports
Report on the 1st National Formation School held on the 1st to the 4th December 1969. at the Black Section,University of Natal

The idea behind the Formation school was to allow participants the chance for self-development through participation in discussions and other projects.This offered participants training in leadership skills which will contribute to to developing capable leaders within SASO.

Rev. J. R. Derbyshire

Most Rev. J. R. Derbyshire, Litt. D., D. D, Archbishop of Cape Town (Contact Photos) (Black & White).

Rev. Simon Vedamuthoo (Contact Photos) (Black & White).

St Aidan’s Mission Hospital and Church

South African Labour Bulletin Volume 16 Number 6 July/August 1992

South African Labour Bulletin is a refereed journal which supports the democratic labour movement in South Africa. It is a forum for analysing, debating and recording the aims and activities of this movement.

South African Students' Organisation: Report of Leadership Training Seminar, Edendale Lay Ecumenical Center, Pietermaritzburg, December 5-8, 1971

Report back on the leadership training seminar organised by the South African Students' Organisation

St Aidan's Board of management

The Hospital Management Committee (1983):- capacity he collected R48 000 fromthe Indian community for the second phase of the development of the new hospital. Back row: (1-r): Dr Y. Minty, M. C. T. Bhoolu, Dr G. M. Burker, Dr M. Y. Kudwu, Dr P.H. B. Muytom,Mr R. J. Rustomjee.

St Aidan's Hospital

Red Cross - St. Aidan's Teachers (Wolrd War I) (Contact Photos) (Black & White).

St Aidan's Mission Hospital

St Aidan's Mission Hospital staff

St Aidan’s Mission Hospital

St Aidan's Men's Club

St Aidan’s Mission Hospital

Kunwarani Lady Maharaj Singh


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