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SIYAYA / IDASA. Issues 6 1999
SIYAYA / IDASA. Issues 4 1999
Prospect South - Indian and South Africa
Prospect South Indian and South Africa

Industry and Commerce
key points for inclusion

Newspaper articles on India and South Africa
Newspaper articles on India and South Africa 1980s and 1990s
Racism and Commerce
Apartheid and racism - 1980s
Articles on Education, trade, segregation, race group, group areas act, sport and political parties in 1976
Articles on trade, entertainment, sport and politics during 1976
South African Digest Week Ended June 1, 1979
South African Digest - Week ended - June 8, 1979
The Union Of South Africa

The Union of South Africa is composed of the four provinces of the Cape, the Transvaal, the Orange Free State and Natal. Together they have about one-third the area of India........

Soviet Foreign relations with Southern African States

The collapse of the Portuguese Colonial empire and the acceleration the struggle for black majority rule have combined to make.......

Memorandum submitted by the Natal Indian Congress to JC Smuts

Natal Indian Congress memorandum

Letter from the Natal Indian Congress to Mr JH Basson

Natal Indian Congress, Immigration Mr J H Basson, Commisioner, Geberal Smuts, Pretoria Agreement, residential occupation, Pegging Act, property, Trade, industry

Memorandum Submitted by the N.I.C. - 8 to 10 Feb 1946

N.I.C. documents


the patterns of landholding and the distribution of power in rural India have never fitted easily into the ... India,


Elephants have been depicted in mythology, symbolism and popular culture. They are both ... These Indian elephants are loved, revered, groomed and given a prestigious place in the state's culture. ...

Welding workshop - ML Sultan Technikon

Student in the welding workshop at ML Sultan Technikon


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