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The New African Vol 2 No 34
The New African - Vol 2 No 16
News Brief - For the Week: 05 September - 19 September 2007

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This is South Africa

The Republic of South Africa, which In the past few decades has developed into a regional economic and military power of note.....

This is South Africa

While still a developing country by UN definition South Africa is the most highly developed country by far on the African continent.
Including six self-governing Black national states...

Resolutions passed at the 11th Annual Provincial Conference held on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd November 1958

Resolutions passed at Annual conference - N.I.C.

A. V. Farren


A. V. Farren


Young Aces football club

Indian Football Club

Mrs S Jithoo

Table Tennis Player

Tennis Club

Spes Bona Tennis Club - 1926

Tennis Association

Natal Indian Lawn Tennis Association 25/06/1933

Newspaper article on Sport

Sponsorship in sport: how we lose

Indian Sport

Newspaper article on Indian Sport

Girls Scouts



Tennis squad


Youth doing gymnastics

Sport Centre

Sport Centre building


Youths at a hiking trip


Activity on a hiking trip


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