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The ANC and the road to negotiations
Thieves in the Thieves Kitchen
The dualism of IB Tabata
The Killing fields of Southern Africa
The post-apartheid society
Selections from Spark
Zephania Mothopeng
The ANC Conference: from Kabwe to Johannesburg
Third worldism: the albatross of socialism
The commune of Bulhoek
Michael Wade (1941-1990)
Welverdiend spells death: a story of overkill
Consultative Meeting, 29 October 1979 to 30 October 1979, London

Record of a secret meeting between the African National Congress and Inkatha in London, 29th to 30th October, 1979.

Understanding Moratorium, South African Council of Churches Task Force, March 1976

An interim report by the South African Council of Churches Task Force, in regarding to MORATORIUM(Withdrawing overseas Missionary personnel and funds from churches in Africa), to enable them to establish their own identity,integrity, identity and accept responsibility for their mission.

Single men's hostels, Cape Town

Photograph showing two men sitting in one of the single men's hostels, Cape Town.

Scholarship Report - Zambia

List of African National Congress (ANC) students in Zambia including names, school, course and sponsor.

Models of work with cadres within the National Liberation Movement

Paper by Sherry Mclean, presented at the ANC Seminar on Social Welfare, in Lusaka, Zambia, July 1988. Suggests ways in which social problems can be overcome, such as community work, group work, counselling, confidentiality and training.


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