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Dramatic call by church leaders

Journal article containing a full statement issued by Church leaders of eight denominations who had recently met in Johannesburg.

International solidarity
Trade unions issue joint statement
Wide support for detainees
Crossroads spirit has gone to sleep
American textile union praises Frame workers
Solidarity: the workers struggle in Poland
Step forward for worker solidarity
We will not give in!
Support grows after strike victory
French unions will support FOSATU
International pressure is a challenge to apartheid, says union vice-president

The Ford closure in Port Elizabeth clearly reveals that multinationals have absolutely no interest in the welfare of workers and their communities in the countries where they operate.

American unionists demonstrate against apartheid

During the past several months more American union members than ever before have been involved in demonstrations against South Africa's apartheid system.

AZAPO's Fourth National Congress
Civic organisations bring the horizon nearer
Message of goodwill and solidarity

Message of goodwill and solidarity from His Excellency Dr Kenneth David Kaunda, President of the Republic of Zambia from the chairman of the preparatory committee regarding the occasion of the meeting of the Swedish people parliament against apartheid.

Mourning together
May Day is ours
May Day means world working class solidarity


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