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Letter from Graham McIntosh to Peter Brown
Letter from Fiona, Mike and Jeremy to Phyllis Naidoo.

Letter from Fiona, Mike and Jeremy to Phyllis Naidoo.

Letter from Paton to Sir Alexander Korda
Words, words, words

Snippets on books and publishers.

Books and the Arts

Book reviews.

Inside America

An article about support in the US for the Smith regime in Rhodesia.

The British decide

To ask whether the average person in Britain is actively engaged with the problems of South Africa is like asking whether the average penal reformer could be engaged to a whore.

A more timid scapegoat

Jewish South Africans after Verwoerd's letter

Some observations on propaganda
Communication and persuasion
A new tone for His Master`s Voice
Sticker art
Editorial: Trust the Bank
Resolution on publicity and information of the NEC meeting

Resolutions of the ANC National Executive Committee on publicity information needs and tasks. Resolved that a massive propaganda and publicity campaign should be launched locally and internationally.

The Black Sash Johannesburg Advice Office: Annual Report 1973

The Black Sash Johannesburg Advice Office Annual Report Presented at National Conference on 15 October 1973, discussing: Urban Areas Act, Pass Laws, forced removals, Apartheid, separation of husbands and wives, housing, wages, legal assistance.

Die University Christian Movement (UCM) van 28 Mei 1969 verwys

Report signed by the South African Commissioner of Police in Pretoria and sent to the Secretary for Justice, also in Pretoria, about the University Christian Movement (UCM).

The Black Sash National Conference 1971: Headquarters report

Headquarter's Report for Black sash National Conference on 15 February 1971, discussing: Mailing List, Removals Campaign, Rule of Law, Plight of African Women, regional matters, finances and magazine.

The Black Sash National Conference 1965: Headquarters Report

The Black Sash National Conference: Headquarters Report on 18 October 1965, discussing: Advice Offices, raids, press support, Apartheid, magazine, publicity and propaganda.

Army Propaganda "Total Strategy" Style


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