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A can of worms in Lusaka: the imprisonment of Hubert Sipho Mbeje
An open letter to Nelson Mandela from ex-ANC detainees
Annual Report of the Civil Rights League for the year 1979-1980, presented at the Anuual General Meeting, December 1, 1980
Biographies - H-K : Death Penalty and Executions
Biographies - L-N : Death Penalty and Executions
Boer prisoners in training at Ladysmith en route for Burma

Sepia print 20.1 x 14.3cm

Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XX No.3 Issued 13 April 1973
Fighting Talk Volume 11 Number 4 June 1955

Fighting Talk - Special issue on the Congress of the People

FOCUS: No 92 January-February 1991

Talks under pressure Government accused of bad faith Differing interpretations by the ANC and the South African....

Leslie Tsuela. Death in Detention : 1968-1981

Leslie Tsuela, death, detention, Docrat, police, Klerksdorp, homicide trial, prisoners, plantation

Letter from Edith to Phyllis Naidoo

Just received your airletter of 3 inst., took 10 days to get here !

Letter from Gwen and Frank to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Gwen and Frank to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Aggrey Klaaste

The new order is certainly giving us a view of the prison system that most literate people never had before. A social worker on radio said our jails are filled with our brothers and sisters and perhaps we need to be reminded of this as well as we look at the crime and violence in our country.

List of prisoners of the African National Congress in Rhodesian jails

List of prisoners of the African National Congress of South Africa held in Rhodesian jails as at 14 December 1979.

New Age Vol.6 No.1 Oct. 1959
New Era, Jan 1991-Dec 1991
Petition from Gaol
Police community relations: a mediator's perspective

Article by a mediator following efforts by President Klerk to curb the use of excessive force by police stating the difficulties faced by public officials in the United States of America who coped with similar issues during the civil rights protests of the 1960's and 1970's.

Political Banning and Detentions - Individual Cases


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