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The press
The partisan press

Where South Africa's English newspapers offend and mislead.

The O'Brien Affair
The hypocrisy of the English press
The embattled press
The church and the race problem

Pamplet containing a series of articles published in the Rand Daily Mail, Johannesburg, based on interviews with churchmen on the role of the Church in South Africa

Television News - The Official News
Students Representative Council: Press release

This press release is a statement of rejection, by the Black youth of Azania, of the concept of Bantu homelands

Steyn Commission II: How to Separate Truth from Fact
Statement given to Sunday Times

Draft statement prepared for the Sunday Times opposing the forced removals of the Fingo people from their land

Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Statement issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs regarding a peaceful settlement for South West Africa

Statement by the Honourable R F Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs: Cape Town, 20 March 1984

Statement released by Pik Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs, regarding the progress of the Joint Monitoring Commission and condemning the statement issued by the President of Cuba, Fidel Castro, in which the South African and United States Governments were criticised.

Statement by BPC Vice-President

A press statement issued by the Black Peoples Convention, attacking Gatsha Buthelezi

Soweto Students Representative Council: Press Statement 4th November 1976

A press statement confirming the stand by all students and youth of Soweto and other areas of the country that sales of any kind of liquour, including from shebeens, remain banned

South Africa - from the outside
Sekou Toure and the two imperialisms

Guinea's experience of France and Russia has bred determination for African unity.

Sash letter to SAAN
Sal Minute

Minutes of a meeting between a South African delegation and a United States delegation to discuss the situation in Mozambique and Angola - overview of proceeedings

Resettlement 'slum' closed to the press
Requiem for a newspaper


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