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UDW/The Mercury/Coastal group ltd international conference on current economic policy issues Durban
Understanding the Dynamics of Social Control in Rural South Africa:Traditional Leaders and the Allocation of Development Resources in KwaZulu-Natal
India Digest - High Commission of India
Editorials: Thoughts for Tomorrow
Postcard from Kate to Phyllis Naidoo

Real healing is taking place here. Self restoration. On a more extended plan, the contrast between Mission life (we are a mission, it seems) at the Lesotho sun.

All you need is Love? The courting gift in 20th century KwaZulu-Natal.

In its first year of broadcast, 2002, the TV show All You Need is Love regularly attracted 2 million viewers in South Africa.

The Viability of Islamic Banking and Finance in a Capitalist Economy: A South African Case Study

Muslims in post-apartheid South Africa have been seeking to introduce stricter Islamic codes in the public and private domains to redefine the kind of Muslims they want to be.

Muslim Marriages in South Africa: The limitations and legacy of the Indian Relief Act of 1914

Many Muslims in post-apartheid South Africa have been seeking to use the new freedoms of a democratic state and its liberal constitution to pursue distinctive rights as part of a broader project to construct new and tighter Islamic codes in public and private domains.

Explaining the Present: Exploring the Future
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