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Zaire and the theory of the three worlds
Yusuf Dadoo: Transnational Politics, South African Belonging

Although people of Indian origin have been present in South Africa since 1860, they are still objects of suspicion in the ‘New’ South Africa. In many quarters, they are accused of exploiting Africans and, in the past, collaborating with apartheid.

Yugoslavia: a federation in tatters
You must keep them out at all costs


Working paper background to republic day celebrations: oppositions to the public

This is a circular issued by NUSAS about the republic day celebrations,peoples stay away and students taking the lead.

Women: it's now or never (well almost)
Will Bobby Bob too?
Why it Won't Work
Why did Renamo do so well?
White schoolboys and politics

The ruling generation has made a mess of things in South Africa, but what will the generations following them do?.

White Politics: a post-election assessment
White island, Black ocean

Article about Southern Rhodesia's political situation

What lessons to be learned?
What kind of Zimbabwe
What is apartheid?
What has federation really meant to the people?: Partnership or self-rule in Central Africa
We`re doing okay
Wat kom na apartheid? UOVS verdedig vryheid van spraak (Article written in Afrikaans)
War - against whom?
Verwoerd's fatal mistake?

Editorial on Transkei's new status.


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