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Franchise Rights and Wrongs

My second impression was of the variety of types that had come together, drawn by this common purpose. As Dr.

Freedom struggles of the past: what can we learn from them to enhance grass roots involvement

A SASO memorandum for the Transvaal Regional Formation School, held at Turfloop, 21-22 September 1974

French West Africa: the background
Front-line States interference must stop
Full support for ZANU
Gandhi, South African Experience

Cover of the book by Maureen Swan

Ghana: the morning after
Ghana: the morning after (II)
Health care and repression
History of Black politics in South Africa: a personal perspective

A paper presented at the April 1972 National Union of South African Students (NUSAS) seminar.

Hofmeyer Revalued 1948-1973
Hope springs eternal, but times are trying
How June 16 demo was planned

This is an interview with Lebello Matapanyane, describing the events and political developments leading to the new upsurge, and explaining how the militant youth see the future shape of political struggle.

How the SACP slanders China
How to use Phambili: guidelines for activists
I saw China
IDASA: The road ahead
Ideology and the South African Predicament
IFP enigma


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