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Political intolerance: long haul to new culture
Political trends in Kenya
Politics and The South African Student
Popular debate breaks new ground
Port Elizabeth - The Future is Here
Praat politiek (article written in Afrikaans)
Profile of a President: Tubman of Liberia
Putting the Black Renaissance Convention into correct perspective

A memorandum in response to "biased", mainly press, reports of the Black Renaissance Convention

Ratan J Tata

Miscellaneous illustrations from Indian Opinion on Gandhi & the passive resistance movement - c. 1893 - 1914

Regse tier: hoe trek ons sy tande uit? (Article written in Afrikaans)
Religion and oppression: the misuse of religion for social, political, and economic subjugation

This is the procedings for the Symposium for General Secretories of National Christian Councils and Church Leaders from Eastern and Southern Africa,which took place in Edisesa, Harare, in 1-3 August 1989. The theme of the conference was religion and oppression.

Report of the political action commitee to NUSAS Congress 1983

Report by the Political Action Committee to the 60th Annual Congress of the National Union of South African Students, Durban, 29 Nov-3 Dec 1983. Discusses how activity has centred around the theme of educating for change.

Report on my visit to South Africa

When I left India, early in December there had been many cables sent from South Africa describing the treatment to which it was stated many of the Indians strikers were being subjected on the Natal Coal Miners........



Republican Song
Resolutions adopted by the Programme for Social Change

Resolutions adopted by the Programme for Social Change. These resolutions included the gospel and its implication, family life, politics, law and order, social action, and war and peace.

Response of the South African Council of Churches to the WCC programme to combat racism

Response of the South African Council of Churches to the WCC programme to combat racism (1969-1979).

Restitution/Reparation: a commitment to justice and peace
Review of Allan Boesak: Die Vinger Van God. Preke Oor Geloof en die Politiek
Rhodesian liberals in dilemma: the road to union


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