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Possible policy positions, The South African Communist Party on Land Reforms: a personal briefing for Ray Simons

Background of land reform and the Party's role, the South African Communist Party and other political organisations' involvement in land reform and policies for land reform.

Presidents tour of Natal Midlands
Press statement: Margaret Thatcher policy on South Africa

Press statement regarding the Margaret Thatcher policy on South Africa.

Providing for Revolution


Quizzing the candidates
Redistribution and new categories of health personnel
Resolutions of the Eight National Conference of the South African Council of Churches, July 27-29, 1976

Resolutions of the South African Council of Churches, discussed at the Eighth National Conference, which includes the call for detainees to be charged or released, the right for students to non-violent protest and the rejection of the oppressive system of the South African Government.

Restating our policy
Reviewing Regional Policy
Sexual health and HIV/AIDS
South Africa in Canadian Eyes
South Africa's Expansion Policy
South African Students Organisation: SASO Policy Manifesto

SASO Policy Manifesto

Statement on essential health research
Structure of the ANC Women's League

Holograph draft ANC policy document on the structure of the ANC Women's League. Covers tasks of the League, the League National Conference, composition of the League, regional Women's League structures.

Such Tragedies are Inevitable Outcome of Verwoerd's Crazy Vision
Suggestions for an Economic Policy for the Future
Support and reorientation of health personnel
The anatomy of a policy

How America looks at South Africa.


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