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Five black men

Colenso album Five aged black men with staffs

Natal Colony

 Natal Colony executive council

Natal Native Contigent

Natal native contigent. Depict the contigent

Stuart James

 Stuart James 1868-1942

Accutt Roberts

 Robert Accutts house in North Ridge Road

Adams family

Mr A. Adams, his grandson, Mr C. Adams

Allison James

Allison James 1802-1875

Allison Mary

Allison Mary and Allison Dora

Allison, Dorothy

Allison, Dorothy 1804-1864

Anderson Alexander

Anderson Alexander,Unidentified, A. Anderson, Mr Tracey and Mr Dunning.

Anderson, Captain Alexander

Anderson, captain Alexander, 1844- 1939

Apartheid's everyday insults in relief
Arbuckle, Sir William

Sir William Arbuckle 1839-1915. Mayor of Durban in 80s

Arbuthnot, Jane

Arbuthnot, Jane 1819-1907

Arrowroot factory

 Messers Raw and Faggits arrow root factory

Arrowroot mill 1851

 Foundation of arrowroot mill

Belgrave house hotel

 Guests posed an the veranders

Belgrave house hotel

 DEpicted behind picket fence

Boer Drill Master

 Drill master with young merit

Brand Johnes Hendricks

 Review of the burghers


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