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Passive Resistance Volunteers

Passive Resistance Volunteers in Pretoria

Photo of Gandhi and his Wife Kasturba

Mr and Mrs Gandhi


The 'passive resisters' in South Africa

Sorabji Shapurji Adajania

Sorabji Shapurji Adajania demanded entry into Transvaal

Thambi Naidoo addressing a crowd of over 6000 people at the "Durban Indian Football Ground" during 1913 Passive Resistance Campaign.

Passive Resisters

Thanga Dharmalingam
The Dandi March

Photos on the life of M. K. Gandhi (Miscellaneous)

The Indians in South Africa

South Africa herself belongs rightly to the West. It was from the countries of Europe that her early settlers came, yet it is significant that she first attracted public attention as a possible half-way house between East and West.

You and the Indians

The Indian question is a burning issue to-day. It is difficult enough to solve without the added evils of boycotts and racial hatred now being deliberately instigated by certain political and business elements.


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