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A brief history of student action in South Africa

Report on brief history of student action in South Africa

NUSAS reconstruction

Report consisting of three NUSAS Commission reports. The first one is called Commission of NUSAS reconstruction, followed by Commission of SASO publications, and an article entitled Race and Economics in South Africa.

The Fund-Raising Act
ASSECA - A Mighty Adventure
A Lunatic Act
Selby Msimang and Trade Union Organisation in the 1920's
The South African Foundation
Black Peoples Convention: Lenasia Branch and Durban Central lists of members and addresses

List of Black People's Convention members in Durban and Lenasia

The American Committee on Africa

Anti-apartheid organisation says South African president's FW de Klerk statement falls short calls for tougher sanctions.

Press release issued following the Mariannhill Conference held on 1-3 December 1968.

The press release provides reasons for establishing a national student organisation (SASO) South African Students Organisation..

Black People's Convention: press release 13 January 1972

This press release contains details of resolutions reached at the national conference of the Black People's Convention held between 17-19 December 1971

ANC Organogram

Organogram of the African National Congress National Executive.

Black Peoples Convention: The April seminar on BPC administration and the implementation of BPC policies and National Congress resolutions

A brief discussion on Head office administration, Branch office administration and the implementation of BPC policies at executive level and the implementation of national congress resolutions.

Black Peoples Convention Policy 9th June 1973

The National Executive Committee deemed it necessary to acquaint all Chairmen of Branches on BPC policy. These Chairmen will in turn guide their members on BPC policy especially in view of apparent misunderstaning by many members.

Black Peoples Convention: Paper on Policy

Black Peoples Convention: Paper on Policy presented on 16 March, 1974, at the National Council Meeting and includes BPC policy on internal relations, international relations, sports, education, and news media

Principles of formation of an organisation

The document provides guidelines for creating an effective organisation.

Principles of programme planning

A document setting out the principles of programme planning, including criteria for a good programme and evaluation of programmes

Anti-apartheid Conference
Local Organisation:fact paper

The effectiveness of any organisation depends on the organizing ability of its leaders. This paper maps out a guide toward effective leadership amongst the Black community particularly in the home situation.

"We are not prepared to give the enemy a present"


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