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Bantustans, Colouredstans and Indianstans

Speech delivered by L. Mqotsi at the African People's Democratic Union of South Africa Conference.

Bantu Education: Yet another assault on the people!

Call to the people to adopt the policy of the All-African Convention and oppose Bantu Education.

An open letter to members of the UMSA who have received copies of Carl's polemic

Open letter from Wycliffe Tsotsi to members of the Unity Movement, regarding Scrape Ntshona's suspension from the movement and accusations levelled against the movement by Carl Brecker.

An address delivered to the United Nations Committee

Address delivered by I B Tabata to the United Nations Committee in Lusaka, Zambia. Covers the problem of the colonies and the Protectorates. Argues that these subjects cannot be adequately dealt with without addressing the problem of South Africa.

African People's Democratic Union of Southern Africa: Draft Constitution

Draft Constitution of the African People's Democratic Union of Southern Africa.

A reply to Livingstone Mqotsi and the anonymous members of the Unity Movement in Zambia by a member of the Unity Movement in South Africa

Circular by Leonard Makhuza Nikani, a member of the South African Unity Movement, regarding a circular sent out by Livingstone Mqotsi and members of the Zambian Unity Movement which contained accusations against I B Tabata and the Unity Movement.

A reply to J G Matthews' article: Africans and Non-European Unity

I B Tabata's reply to an article by J G Matthews, of the African National Congress Youth League, on Africans and Non-European Unity. Published in Inkundla Ya Bantu, 22 October 1949.

A call to conference

Call by the Non-European Unity Movement to liberation organisations to send delegates to a conference to discuss oppression in South Africa.

A call for Unity

A call for Unity by the Unity Movement of South Africa. Calls for all South African liberation movements to present a united front against oppression.


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