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Articles on Ethnicity and Nationalism
  • Ethnicity and Nationalism Anthropological Perspectives
  • Ethic Confrontation - Security Implications of Policies Towards Ethnic Minorities
  • Nations and Nationlism
Letter from Michael Scott to Alan Paton
Letter from Scott Haigh to Alan Paton
The Long View: Nationalism and the Theatre, Contact vol 8, no. 3
Negritude or Black Cultural Nationalism
Negritude and Nationalism; Part Two
Negritude and Nationalism; Part Two
Mr Cleaton Jones
Hofmeyr, by Alan Paton
Editorial note for Hofmeyr biography
Letter from Alan Paton to R F Rorke
Justice Schreiner: Johannesburg
Extract from speech to Political Discussion Group
Realities of Angolan struggle

On the sixth anniversary of the beginning of the Angolan struggle for independence, the Portuguese are again officially denying the winds of change experienced by the rest of Africa and threatening in Angola.

Ujamaa on the march: the road from Arusha

Implications of the nationalisation carried out by President Julius Nyerere in February 1967 in Tanzania, based on the Arusha Declaration.

The rise and fall of Grace Ibingira

A study in factionalism, nationalism and machiavellianism in Uganda politics.

Nation and ethnicity
Editorial: That Election
Those in between
South Africa in the African Revolution: South West Africa


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