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You make the union strong
Women writers: a separate entity
We are at war!

Pamphlet issued by the African National Congress in order to rally support for armed struggle

We are at war!

ANC illustrated booklet in five languages on the history of the liberation struggle, apartheid and the ANC.


A "power to the people" poem

Unity is built in struggle
Training manual II
Towards democratic unity
To battle Comrades!
The struggle for freedom is about people
The role of the Trade Unions in the National Liberation Struggle

An article about the National Liberation Struggle as their decision to join the United Democratic Front was made as part of their response to certain political events, and these events directly affected them as a union.

The role of the South African Communist Party in the national liberation struggle
The new situation on Southern Africa and the position of the oppressed majority in apartheid South Africa

ANC National Executive Committee submission to the Organisation of African Unity for their strategy for the liberation of South Africa.

The national question and its relation to South Africa
The foreign policy of a future South Africa

Paper on a foreign policy for a future South Africa. Examines the racist government and the international community, the perspectives of the National Liberation Movement, regional and international governmental organisations.

The days shall come

A "power to the people" poem

The battle for South Africa is on!
The African Crisis

A "power to the people" circular

The African Communist: List of Contents 1959-1967
The 10th Annual Conference


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