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People of Azania

A "power to the people" circular

Press Statement concerning the transition in Mozambique: riots, rallies etc

A press statement issued by SASO on the independance of Mozambique

Problems of the African revolution
Sisulu e Kathrada: comrades in arms
South Africa is at war
South Africa is at war
Soweto Student Representative Council: Black people let us unite

Circular calling for unity amongst the Black people in their struggle for national liberation

Soweto Students Representative Council: Pledge solidarity with students

Circular issued by the SSRC calling for increased solidarity with Black students in South Africa in the struggle for freedom

Soweto Students Representative Council: To all fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, friends and workers, in all cities, towns and villages in the Republic of South Africa.

Circular, issued by Soweto Students Reprsentative Council, calling on residents of Black townships to boycott Christmas shopping and shebeens as a show of solidarity with those killed by police violence during the liberation struggle

Stand by our leaders!
Statement on the expulsion from the ANC of South Africa

Statement on the expulsion from the ANC (SA) of T Bonga, A M Makiwane, G M Mbele, A K Mqota, P Ngakane, T X Makiwane, O K Setlhapelo. Includes list of resolutions.

Strategic perspective

Unauthored paper on strategy and tactics in the context of negotiations. Includes the goals and immediate objectives of the National Liberation Struggle.

The "constitutional" fallacy
The 10th Annual Conference
The African Communist: List of Contents 1959-1967
The African Crisis

A "power to the people" circular

The battle for South Africa is on!
The days shall come

A "power to the people" poem

The foreign policy of a future South Africa

Paper on a foreign policy for a future South Africa. Examines the racist government and the international community, the perspectives of the National Liberation Movement, regional and international governmental organisations.

The national question and its relation to South Africa


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