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South African Indian Council. Copy of letters

SAIC correspondence


Re: George Singh

India and Pakiistan Delegation

South African Indian Council and India Correspondence

Indian and UNO - Indian Delegation - Dr Dadoo and Dr Monty Naicker - 1948-1950

SAIC Correspondence Miscellaneous

Correspondences 1948-1949

South African Indian Council Records

M D Barmania SAIC records to be handed to joint secretaries 1948 - 1949

Deportation and Immigration.

South African Indian Council

Notes on the SAIC

Notes and Correspondences

South African Indian Council Financial Statements

Financial statements

SAIC Constitution
SAIC 17th Session messages

SAIC Annual conference

SAIC Annual conference 17th session held on the 8th 9th and 10th February 1946

SAIC Annual conference

SAIC and NIC documents 1940s

SAIC and NIC documents

South African Indian Congress, 16th Session

Compiled & published by Swami Bhawani Dayal. 26th-28th June 1943

South African Indian Council Emergency conference held on 5th and 6th October 1930

Emergency conference

South African Indian Council and Natal Indian Congress monthly report - September 1937

Monthly Report

Trade licences-1925/1926

Trade Licences issued through the Inland Revenue Department

Assisted Indian emigration documents -1928/1929

Report/letters - 1928/1929

Assisted emigration documents and letters

South African Indian Congress

Letters - South African Indian Council

Assorted letters of the South African Indian Council

ML Sultan Technikon Diploma Graduati

Staff and Council Members  of the Technikon


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