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Viva! Viva!
The Gagging Writs
BBC Goes to Bloemfontein
Steyn Commission II: How to Separate Truth from Fact
Editorial: The Rand Daily Mail
Editorial: Press Freedom
SABC - TV: 'A Bias Against Understanding'
Interview with Tsietsi Mashinini

Transcript from a radio interview, in New York City, with Tsietsi Mashinini, on the aftermath and reporting of the Soweto riots, international relations and the role of the USA in the struggle for freedom in South Africa

Memorandum aan alle lede van die Staatsveiligheidsraad: Onlussituasie - voorgestelde terminologiese riglyne vir amptelike segsmanne

Memorandum to all members of the State Security Council, from Louis Nel, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, regarding guidelines for the use of terminology for official communication.

TV 2/3/4/ under Mphahlele
MWASA: trying to set the deadlines
South African Labour Bulletin Volume 6 Number 6 March 1981

South African Labour Bulletin is a refereed journal which supports the democratic labour movement in South Africa. It is a forum for analysing, debating and recording the aims and activities of this movement. This issues focuses on the struggles of the media and transport workers.

Media workers on power and participation in real decision making at work
Archbishop Burnett puts the record straight

Archbishop Burnett from the Church of the Province of Southern Africa detailing three attacks on the Church by the Minister of Police, the Media and the Church of England

They said it ...
MPLA South Africa collaboration
From the horse`s mouth - what South Africa means to western imperialism and what they will do to kep it
Super-power contention in southern Africa
Passing on the message
Fear is binding us


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