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Pass Laws and Influx Control

Pamphlet regarding Pass Laws and Influx Control and the negative effect these laws have on the African people. The laws are considered to be discriminatory, unjust and dehumising.

Pass laws: Southern Transvaal states the facts
Pass laws: the victims in court
Passes abolished? but influx control stays!
Passes and Africans
Permit in terms of the Departure from the Union Regulations Act, 1955

Departure permits for Jack and Ray Simons issued on the 28th April 1965.

Power, patriotism, principle: Opening Address presented at the Black Sash National Conference held at Pietermaritzburg, 1969

Power, patriotism, principle: Opening address by Jean Sinclair at presented at the Black Sash National Conference held at Pietermaritzburg on 21 October 1969, discussing: legislative power of regions, racial inequalities, separate development, bantu education, banning orders, detention powers of

Prevention of Illegal Squatting Act, Act No 52 of 1951

The Act was to provide for the prevention and control of illegal squatting on public and private land.

Prevention of Illegal Squatting Amendment Act: Punitive Squatting Act signed: 9 February 1989

Circular relating to the prevention of Illegal Squatting Act of 1951 which prohibited the creation and occupation of almost all informal housing

Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act, Act No 55 of 1949

The Act was to prohibit marriages between Europeans and non-Europeans, and to provide for matters incidental thereto

Prohibition of Political Interference Act, Act No 51 of 1968

The Act was to prohibit intereference by one population group in the politics of any other population group and the receipt by political parties of financial assistance from abroad

Promotion of Bantu Self-governing Act, Act No 46 of 1959

The Act was to provide for the gradual development of self-governing Bantu national units and for direct consultation between the Government of the Union and the said national units in regard to matters affecting the interests of such national units; to amend the Native Administration Act, 1927,

Protest and the law
Providing for Revolution


Providing for Sabotage

The General Law Amendment Bill replaces one political paradox by another.

Public sector unions under vicious attack
Published Without Comment
Rape in marriage: still no improvement in the law
Registration - the big test

FOSATU has made its position quite clear. We believe that the law should not divide workers by race. Workers must be allowed to join the unions of their choice.


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